For the Love of Money

Fat Sam and the Spoon that Feeds Him

Don’t let jealous rage or rabid disdain of the big banks, the “1%”, or billionaires get the better of your senses.


Every economic tragedy has a beginning, middle, and an end. America is nearing the end yet I am extremely hopeful.


The truth has a way of filtering through the masses similar to rainwater working its way through a large pile of autumn leaves. The filtered truth: the federal government, and their crony banking cohorts, are the problem.


Why is the government the root of our economic problems? Massive deficit spending, a corrupt monetary system, elaborate entitlement programs, supporting/fueling crony capitalism, woefully inadequate public school systems, an extremely biased mainstream media, the influx of anti-assimilation foreign cultures, and career politicians who are more focused on their constituents and careers rather than what’s best for the United States. All of these ingredients have combined to create the societal cyanide that is slowly affecting us all.


America is approaching her crossroads. Will she take the turn to apathy, blame, hate, rage, and spite of its citizenry thus destroying herself from within or will she choose the tougher turn of rebuilding and rebirth of her governing system that is aligned with the Constitution?

The real question is do we even have a choice?

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