Know Thyself

U.S. Constitution and DOIIf you don’t ask yourself what you really want and value in this life, how can optimum expectations ever meet their desired outcomes?


Once you figure out what you want the question must be stirred on how to get it. Most importantly, come to terms whether or not you’ll be a better person for ultimately receiving it. This is a very important consideration during one’s own reckoning.

If you falter on these questions, imagine the struggles of The Founders during the tumultuous times surrounding the formation of the U.S. Constitution. It’s important to put your struggles into perspective with those of past generations. When done properly, one begins to understand that the life we’re all granted within these United States at least gives us a fighting chance to derive our own success.

Never forget that this gift is built off of the backs of men who wrestled with immense opposition and made tangible gambles with their treasure and lives.

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  1. Aloha there! I’ve just stopped by to thank you for this great site! Keep posting that way.

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      Thank you Vind for the vote of confidence. Keep coming back for fresh content and don’t be shy to share the site with others! :>)

  2. Hey dude! I fully agree with your thoughts. I really value what you’re providing here.

    • Matt says:

      Hi Carma. Thank you for your comment and I’m really happy to hear that the blog is enriching your life. Come back often and share it with your friends.
      Here’s to the future!