Stepping Back to See Forward


Step back fifty years in time when a generation decided to take on the United States.


During the 1960’s, a ragtag hippy movement protested America’s involvement in foreign wars, income class disparities, and federal drug laws. Fast forward to the twenty-first century and measure the effectiveness of the hippy movement against their desired outcomes. What’s the result?  More wars, greater income class separation, and extremely rigid federal drug laws.

The hippies abysmal failure in reshaping any United States federal laws is due to one unifying flaw – a hypocritical ethos. The movement cloaked their irresponsible hedonistic behavior of “turning on, tuning in, and dropping out” within the guise of building a new Utopian/Socialistic society.


Father Time writes the annals of history while humans tragically repeat it. So it goes with the Occupy Wall Street protester and his repeating of the ’60’s hippy counterculture. Out of desperation, OWS protesters strive to differentiate their movement from the past. Instead of the hippies flower power the OWS protester harnesses iPad power. While the hippy of old made love not war the Occupy Wall Street protester screams a lot while pretending to be poor. Hippies blamed “The Man” for all of their woes while OWS protesters want to “eat the rich” while spreading the dough.


Occupy Wall Street protesters are repeating the exact same mistakes made fifty years earlier by their hippy subculture brethren. Without any perspective and modernization of their tactics, the efforts of the OWS movement will end up on Wikipedia but will not have an ounce of effect on reforming Wall Street.

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