The Debasing Theory


The systematic and intentional debasing of the Federal Reserve Note is forcing many U.S. citizens to rethink the American dream.


Hard work, ingenuity, tenacity, and educated risks were once tenants of achieving the American Dream. They are now under perpetual assault; subverted by stale Socialistic ideals including national equality and class warfare.  These failed ideals violently clash with the fundamental, bedrock philosophies of a Republic. Both societies can never successfully coexist within a Nation.


Out of desperation to cope with this death tango of competing ideologies, U.S. citizenry are re-prioritizing their lives. Many are changing jobs, rethinking career paths, paying down debt, and reallocating investments. In an act to bring a semblance of control in a system spiraling out of fiscal/political control, a majority of Americans are simply reconnecting with their deep-rooted, intuitive defensive mechanisms that exists within all of us.


America will not only survive the current onslaught of debt and political depravity from both Republicans and Democrats but will thrive in ways never imagined. Consider the current political chaos the pathway that will end in the rebirth of the Republic’s citizenry. It will be an astounding event that’ll drop the jaw of any garden variety Socialist.

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