Why America, Why Now?

We Can Do It...Again!Where else you going to go?


China? Their Yen manipulation makes the U.S. dollar debasing look like a fifth  grade project run on a 1970’s ditto machine.

Russia? Their government has reached police state status.

Japan? They still haven’t fully recovered from their currency debacle over two decades ago.

Europe? The European Union is eating its own economic tail.

Australia? Hope you enjoy high costs of living and eroding liberty.


Bring it back full circle to the fundamentals. Wherever you live, whatever you believe, you must have a firm understanding of the basic fundamentals. Otherwise, publicly funded forces will ultimately rule over you. America’s fundamentals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness exist nowhere else on Earth. She will either survive and thrive on these basic tenants or die because its citizenry didn’t defend their God given rights.

There is no in-between.

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      Thanks for the comment. Please check out the other articles too!

    • Mariana says:

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