A Fortune’s Tale

EUisonFire Italy’s faltering. Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, is stepping aside. Economically, Greece is in ruins. The European Union is in political upheaval. Europe is on fire!


Greece is thrashing about in economic death throws while the European Union contemplates bailing it out. Following in Greece’s footsteps, Spain, Portugal, and Italy are amassing enormous debt imbalances. The EU stumbles to act due to counterproductive beliefs in socialized wealth distribution, a nationalized Euro, and horrific infighting among heads of states. It appears the European Union has finally succumbed to political polarization while the central banks of a half dozen countries fail like debt dominoes.


The political and economic chaos churning throughout Europe foreshadows what’s to come in the United States. To minimize the chance of economic calamity, the United States must reverse the hyper volume creation of its currency supply, ax thirty percent of the more than six hundred and twenty Federal Government agencies, and secure all of its borders with a fifty percent increase in border patrol agents while simultaneously supplying boots-on-the-ground assistance from the United States Marines.

Next, Congress shall author a bill that applies a twenty percent budgetary cut to every federal agency. The bill would garner bipartisan support as to oppose it would be political suicide. An addendum will be added to the bill for the immediate Constitutional assessment of the following agencies: DHS, EPA, ATF, and TSA.

Finally, this country must  involve its youth in civics. My proposal is for a three month mentor ship program involving five percent of high school seniors nationwide. The program would house students in Washington D.C. and provide a daily nine hour agenda of real world civics with alternating governmental mentors. All participating high school seniors would be chosen via a lottery at the local school level. Result: The participants obtain hands-on experience of Congressional proceedings, are more informed of how the Constitution governs the body politic, and garnish a greater understanding of the dynamics between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches.


U.S. voters must act immediately to bring the exploding size and scope of the Federal Government to the forefront of national politics! The road map to redeeming our country is: 1)  Demand a reduction of U.S. base currency, 2) Eliminate thirty percent of all governmental agencies, 3) Cut all federal budgets by twenty percent, 4) Secure the southern border of the United States, 5) Form a bipartisan committee to review the Constitutionality of DHS, EPA, ATF, and the TSA, 6) Devise a mentor ship program for high school seniors in Washington D.C., and 7) Institute Congressional term limits!

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  1. Torrel Jamison says:

    I will be writing a letter to my 6th district congressional leader using your outline. Thank you!

  2. Karon Dantes says:

    Hello. Thank you for writing this post. That helped me alot.

    • Matt says:

      Thank you Karon for your input. I’m glad the blog assisted in your understanding on practical ways to get the USA back on the right track!