Cut All Spending Now!

SpendingCutWashington D.C.’s political environment is extremely divided. The Republicans and Democrats are uncompromising and have “dug-in” within their respective ideologies.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is leading the way by instituting destructive divide and conquer strategies. At his lead, the Senate dusted off an archaic parliamentary trick to table and block the House’s Cut, Cap, and Balance legislation. This uncommon and desperate procedure allowed the Senate to bypass any debate or voting on the legislation. Congressman Tom Reed stated, “The plan passed by the House would have prevented a default while cutting spending and forcing the government to live within its means. It’s disappointing and discouraging that the Senate would not even debate or vote on it.” He later added, “The market is looking for a sign that we will take concrete steps to deal with Washington’s borrowing and spending habits. Instead we get political tricks and avoidance. The Senate has not passed a budget in more than 800 days. It’s simply a dereliction of duty. It’s unacceptable.”


Meanwhile, our President has removed himself from what a viable leader would do at such crucial times: lead! While Congress begs for POTUS to step-in and build a bridge of compromise between the Democrats and Republicans, Obama insists on taking a nine day trip through the Asia-Pacific. Crucial deadlines loom for finalization of all federal budgets and the super committee’s plan for reduction of the federal deficit. Instead of manning the wheelhouse to assist Congress in passing such important laws, Mr. Obama lends a hand by leaving an empty oval office.


Take away the unequal application of fiscal restraint from either party. Start with a mandatory twenty-percent budgetary cut of all agencies over an 18 month period. Let managers within each agency decide how the proverbial ax will fall.

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