It’s More Than Jobs


America is a juxtaposition; its become an upside down wedding cake in which the top layer has grown so large, it’s overwhelming the support columns and deemed to crush the layers below.


The top layer within our analogous cake is America’s bloated federal government. With expansion to over six hundred and twenty agencies, a Congress that lives on a diet of debt and fails at establishing budgets, and executive leadership that is more concerned with image than governance the private sector is, fiscally, being crushed. Outwardly expansion of government can be attributed to 1) The public’s misunderstanding concerning the role of government within modern society, 2) The Federal Reserve Act, and 3) Political philosophical shifts in both the private and public sector.


Government creates jobs to staff and manage its agencies and to run the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches. What bridges all six hundred and twenty-five agencies is what they lack in output: wealth creation. To create wealth, an organization must simply produce a product or service that costs more than to produce it. This simple concept is the basis of America’s capitalistic engine yet many American voters continue to believe large government is a necessity for the expansion of wealth.


Many of AceFrog’s future posts will focus on communicating and reinforcing the fundamental ideals which gave birth to the greatest of nations. From these posts, our hope is the reader will draw their own educated conclusions as to why so many suffer in our nation while government’s appetite for resources continues to grow.  We won’t get bogged down on statistics, regurgitate a vast array of metrics, or put energy into discussing polling numbers. Why? To distract with hard number data would confuse a vast citizenry that doesn’t even comprehend the simple role of government.

To further elaborate, in order to get our nation back on track we’re way past the point of splitting hairs over poll numbers, breaking down metrics from the Governmental Accountability Office (GAO), getting into the minutia of GDP, focusing on unemployment numbers, or taking deep dives into monetary policy. These topics would only set the wrong course for the ignorant and apathetic. Why?

>>> They are all symptoms of the disease <<<


Imagine America as a human body where the states makeup the external form,  the cities/suburbs comprise all major internal organs, and its citizenry are the cells. America is sick at the cellular level. We have a massive amount of cells fighting against the body. These cells have mutated into cancer and are out to destroy the societal body due to rage, false ideologies, selfish intent, and zero patriotism.

The cancer is quickly spreading, and sadly, its naive misdiagnosis by many citizens see it as the new way to prosperity. Worse yet, the source of the cancer is spreading, producing more destructive cells in the societal body and overwhelming the healthy functioning ones. If you can’t figure out what the source of the cancer please revisit the first paragraph within this article.


The entire U.S. citizenry must come together again and embrace the fundamental principles which gave this nation its ability to forge greatness. Too many of our “cells” are terribly lost, misinformed, misguided, and just flat-out wrong. Whatever their intention, they can’t or won’t grasp the end result of their selfish endeavors.

This is why as a community, working together toward one common goal, we must revisit the basic tenants of our society. It’s time to seriously revisit history, understanding why America came to be while rereading The Constitution, The Federalist Papers, and The Declaration of Independence. As a responsible adult, its paramount to understand how these governing principles provide you everything in daily American life. Otherwise, through the evolution of ignorance, all of it will be taken away.

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  2. Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he just bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

    • Matt says:

      Who’d ever thought that my blog would have led to a free lunch? Guess there are some things in this life that are for free! Boldul, glad you enjoyed the post and keep on visiting. Fresh content cooked up daily at AceFrog for the enjoyment of smart surfers such as yourself!