The Intention Doctrine


One’s intention has a direct corollary to the outcome of an endeavor. A purposeful, giving, and honest intention will always outperform one that is selfish, destructive, divisive, and dishonest.


As one ages, past life experiences ferment into wisdom by way of reflection, questioning, and realization. One of my most profound realizations is the importance of being mindful about a venture prior to lifting of finger for effort. The question what, where, and why must be internally asked and then allowed ample time for maturing into a meaningful answer. Much like a plant producing fruit from seed, it takes time and patience. Forcing this process will often lead to undesirable outcomes and wasted efforts. Creating within a paradoxical society that rewards speed over diligence, its easy to fall victim to haste when contemplating a multitude of decisions.  Don’t fall into the trap that your actions don’t carry weight because you’re just one person within a vast society. On the contrary, they mean more than you probably realize.


Take a step back from your daily routine and re-evaluate the intentions you put forth in your daily life. Do they bridge the heart (passion) and mind (drive) or does one steer the other? Are you distracted in your daily life or is purposeful intention put forth each and every day? Finally, are you truly happy within your pursuits?

The struggle to find and consistently walk one’s path is, by no means, a simple task. It takes tenacity, persistence, and the drive to discover the harmony between you and your surroundings. Begin my digging into your own psychology with truth and conviction as your guide. Consistency of daily action with the sole intention to discover one’s purpose will reveal itself in unimaginable ways. The outcome from your hard work equates to enlightenment, fulfillment, and peace of mind, spirit, and body.

Don’t procrastinate! It’s your life! There are no givens on how long it will last. Act with laser sharp purpose fueled by your derived intentions. Be consistent, acting out of fear of loss. Why? Because the next moment might be the one that robs you of the opportunity for greatness!

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