Let Go

SpeakUpDo something every day  to challenge yourself no matter how big or small. If you’re not growing your mind and expanding your heart, you’re regressing.


It’s okay to say no; to disagree or offer your opinion even if you think it’ll be unpopular. But it’s not okay to hold your opinion for fear of cultural exile. Citizens of the United States must speak out more frequently and concisely to voice their stance on any matter and become the impetus for public dialogue. Don’t allow seclusion to take hold – it coddles wasting at the bequest of unnerving compromise.


Don’t like something? Change it! Have something important in your life? Share it! Wonder if others feel the same way too? Ask it! This notion of speaking up is bad form, somehow incorrect behavior within the new society of PC is preposterously ludicrous.

Understanding America’s historical roots and their definitive outcomes of disobedience in America allows transgression away from our PC culture. The greatest strides came at the bequest of unnerving perseverance from iron willed Americans. These trailblazers knew what the outcome needed to be and forged the path as they went along.

America Citizen: Now is the time to stand-up and bring our country back to the place of her greatest achievements.

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