Private Property

PrivateProperty Should an American citizen be able to spend one’s money to acquire goods? Should these goods be considered private property? What is private property? Why is it so fundamental to American society? Why is it under attack?


As defined by, private property is “land or belongings owned by a person or group and kept for their exclusive use.” These are goods that were acquired through the exertion of one’s labor or inheritance in which you have sole access. No one has rights to these goods unless criminality, commerce, or title transfer allows for the temporary/permanent legal change of ownership.

Private property rights are the backbone of the United States economy. They provide the greatest incentive for any willing individual to produce a good and/or service within society. In turn, with successful acceptance by fellow mankind, the individual is rewarded with currency that allows for good’s acquisition. Through this mechanism, the individual is reaffirmed that his/her labor equates to privatized wealth creation within freedom of choice.

In the example above, both society and the individual benefit. The cycle repeats until one party chooses to resign from any future transactions.


The private property concept is the motor of the free market system. It grants the individual the power to shape their economic destiny. Without the ability to acquire private property, the incentive to develop and perpetuate one’s American dream would die one individual at a time. The outcome would be stagnation in risk and the ultimate death of innovation in America.

Private property rights give prudence that the individual matters most in society. Individual’s efforts multiplied by millions comprises societies and economies.


The massive, perverted expansion of the Federal Government is a direct assault on all American’s private property rights. The formula is simple: as government expands, private property rights shrink.

<continue> Often times, a society will experience the seizure of private land in the name of public welfare for a whole host of reasons. Currently, the EPA is quite masterful at swooping in and rezoning private property due to illegal actions by the deed holder. On the surface this sounds benign; it’s the right thing to do if that person is breaking the law and putting others at risk. Right? On the contrary, what if laws are constructed and contorted so that land owners fall out of compliance with legalities that never existed in previous years?

This is happening all over the United States, especially when it comes to farmland and rural America. You know why? When the Fed takes that land, it realizes that you won’t be directly affected and really won’t care. You don’t see it or walk on it. You’re too busy to notice the growing transference of private property to public property. Well, it’s happening at an alarming rate by the strong arm of the EPA.


Americans only stake in this society, when it comes to the assets of substance, is private property. Specifically, land has now become the ultimate divider between the private and public entities in our society. The Federal Government wants your land, folks. They no longer want you to have the limited freedoms you currently enjoy on your private property. For without private property, you are publicly seized, owned, and operated.

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