Dare Not to Compare

ObamaIf voting to elect an experienced politician or re-elect an incumbent, there is one voter responsibility that takes precedence over all others: know and understand the voting record of the candidate.


The act of placing a vote at the bequest of emotion(s) instead of quantifiable logical facts is emotional voting. Examples are electing leaders out of defiance against the incumbent, allowing manipulation by coercive advertising, or letting hearsay influence the vote. America being awash in politically correct behavior; a growing fascination with compliance and acceptance versus individualistic achievement and reward; and the trend of suppressing free speech for fear of being categorized is feeding the growing trend of emotional voting.

Mr. Obama is a net result of emotional voting en masse.


A majority of Barack Obama supporters elected him out of defiance against the Bush dynasty. Even though former President Bush could not be re-elected in 2008, the thought of electing another banker’s puppet was unfathomable for the voting public. Mr. Obama’s team catered their campaign to win over the hearts and minds of these disenfranchised voters. Through a stroke of brilliance, the campaign beat their drum to the tune of change, unity, and fairness.


The Great Disconnect

I believe a majority of Americans are conservatives at heart. Whether that is accurately reflected in their party affiliation is to be determined and, at this point in the game, doesn’t really matter since both Democrat and Republican parties are so absolutely lost.

The question really comes down to this:

  • Do you believe in fiscal responsibility?
  • Do you agree that a governing body shouldn’t spend that in which it doesn’t have?
  • Do you agree that Congress should have abbreviated term limits?
  • Do you believe Congress should live by the same rules and governance that they enact upon the populace?
  • Do you believe that powers should be enumerated between the three branches of government?
  • Do you believe that our monetary notes should be backed by a tangible, precious metal?
  • Do you believe in the freedom of people to make choices, their unequivocal right to liberty, and the unfettered pursuit to that which makes them happy?
  • Do you agree that Americans should have private property and the rights therein?
  • Do you believe that more money should be in the hands of the citizens rather in the confines of the government?
  • Do you believe that future generations deserve the best possible shot at living a healthy, productive, successful life?

If these tenants ring true to you, then Conservatism is in your blood. Welcome home.


When it comes to the games of politics, the elections are still light-years away. This is a good thing, as it gives us time to study, contemplate, and find ourselves again. One way to start is by asking yourself, “What is it that I want for myself, my country, and future generations?” If we always think of others when contemplating our own needs and wants, it becomes clear that there is only one political path to walk in order to restore America’s greatness.

In addition, it cannot be emphasized enough that voters must also be well informed about the candidates. Find out:

  • How does the candidate propose to reduce the National Debt?
  • If they’ve been in Congress, look up their voting record to get a feel of their belief system.
  • If they’ve been a governor, lightly research their fiscal and public policies enacted during term.
  • If they’ve been a business person, research how the company did during their employment.
  • Whatever ideal gives most precedent to giving you more insight, research it!
    • Come on, we don’t have to climb our way through the Dewey Decimal system any longer. Information is at our fingertips.

We, the American people, must be informed, enlightened, and not persuaded by the National Media barrage that is to come in the very near future. We must know the facts and let everything else thrown at us be judge with an air of questionability.

No longer can we vote out of anger, disgust, or frustration. Instead, we must vote with clear intent, measuring against the tenants of what makes America unique and great. It’s our country. Take care of it. Educate yourself.

Pinpoint your vote without wavering or being persuaded. Make it count!

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  1. Makaila says:

    Thanks for being on point and on taetgr!

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    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

    • Matt says:

      First off, your nickname is intriguing. Sounds like something you get which will land you in the doctor’s office. :>) Ha, ha. Just kidding. Thank you so much for your kind words and I really appreciate you appreciating my writing! I’ll keep forking over the content as long as this Crazy Train we’re all on keeps barrelling it’s way down the path of uncertainty.
      Thanks much for your comment! Keep ’em coming JP!