BarneyFrankBarney Frank is not seeking re-election. We are all better off – albeit just a little but better than most. A quick review of Mr. Franks’ “accomplishments” clearly reveals why his sixteen year run in Congress is counterproductive to the health and stability of the United States:

> Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act:  Extracting the essence out of this legislative monstrosity, the Federal Reserve is granted superior authority, akin to a legal partnership, to oversee the six major banks within the United States. This hellacious bill grew the size of government through the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), parlayed extensive investigative powers to the Fed thus circumventing their Constitutional limits, began the final stages of the nationalization of the United States banking system, and has inundated private ventures with horrendous compliance bureaucracy. This act is an assault on wealth creation in the “private sector” for those that have not already amassed fortunes.

To view the full fury of the act, here’s a wonderful overview.

> Deception Through Legislation: Deceptive naming schemes used for new governmental agencies were implemented by Franks’ throughout his career to deceive the American public of their true intent. Case in point is the CFPB created by the House Financial Services Committee (HFSC) in which Franks is a member. The CFPB’s underlying role is to protect the Fed through a first line of defense within this very volatile economy. It is not, in any shape or form, to protect the consumer. The Fed’s fiscal health is extremely important to a Congress that’s owned by bankers and large corporate interests.

> Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Champion: Mr. Franks has been a loyal supporter and defender of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Contrary to Mr. Franks’ argument that “he did not see the <housing> crisis coming,” a plethora of economical analyst and even former president George W. Bush warned of the looming crisis as far back as 2001. Mr. Franks’ ideology of big government and the roll it should play within the United States skews his ability to accurately address the faulty economics behind the housing conundrum. History will reveal that Mr. Franks was an unwavering defender of the top two most unconstitutional, obstructive institutions ever to exist with the United States government.

> Voting Record: Barney Franks’ voting record speaks for itself. It paints a picture of Franks’ unwavering belief that government is best at solving complex financial problems within the United States. Please take five minutes and review it for yourself.


Barney Frank’s recent resignation makes him the seventeenth, yes that’s seventeen,  House Democrat to seek other endeavors outside of public life in Congress. Shocking? No. Intriguing? Yes. Some of the rats are jumping ship because of the looming metaphorical economic iceberg off the bow of the U.S.S. America. It’s becoming likely that the Republicans will dominate next year in the midterm elections. Should we breathe a sigh of relief? Not quite.


If conservative ideals are not re instituted by the Republican Party within the next four years, the party will no longer be a viable option for the American people, i.e., it will ultimately die, spin-off into another party, or a third-party will rise-up to extract what remains of true conservatives. The GOP cannot continue this charade of compromise at any and all costs, trashing the statutes of the Constitution when trying to get “work” done in Congress, and placating the American public by participating in the mindless finger-pointing game. In their defense, this nonsense of being cast as obstacles to reform or impeding progress by the Democrats is political hogwash. It’s used as a ploy by the Democrats to distract from their tax and spend ideology through legislative action.

The GOP must stand their ground and fight against any and all who are for bigger government, greater debt, and more bureaucratic regulation. It’s time for Republicans to stop acting like the teacher’s pet and start acting like the strict parents of Congress.

Tyranny at the expense of the citizenry must change course in all Congressional quorums. Otherwise, change will come from the outside in.


No more wavering. No more compromise. The grand experiment of the last three and a half years must come to an end. We, the American people, are losing the fundamental basis of our sovereignty. It’s time for the next majority to put forth laws that are for the health and prosperity of the United States and not simply to placate to their banking and corporate constituents. If done right, the American people will get your back. If thinking this is a long shot don’t forget the outcome of the congressional election of November, 2010.

American votes can still change tides.

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