She Needs You!


There’s one year to go until the next election that will grant the next President of the United States. It’s time for you to approach your vote in a different context.


Like a spastic untrained puppy on a short leash, the American voting public needs training in order to achieve a common understanding of the U.S. political system. First step is to wash away the perceived understanding of what constitutes a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, or Libertarian party member. Mentally untangle and release the idea of candidates, party systems, Political Action Committees (PAC’s), and personal stigmas/philosophies which encumber each party. Be committed to not let commercial media persuade your vote. Stand tall and no matter the amount of hateful soundbites, stick with your principles while making mindful decisions.

The up and coming generations must start to deconstruct that which generations before told us how it must be – for it is broken.


Future generations must begin to deconstruct that which generations before told us how it must be – for it is broken beyond repair.


America’s horizon is filled with incredibly tough, daunting, fiscal, moral, and cultural challenges that are astronomical. At the grace of the loyal, resilient citizens who remain behind to pick up the pieces, America will experience another Revolutionary War. Mark my words. But there’s a twist. In stark contrast from our past war’s to escape oppression, it won’t be a war of egregious, bloody battles. Gettysburg will not be repeated.

This time around, the American revolution will take a different path.

Loyal Americans who embrace our founding principles will be involved in an intense philosophical war to save the soul of America. These are the citizens whom are historically educated and understand the defining tenants of America. They are the last line of defense to save what’s left of the nation. If these defenders break, the United States of America can never be what it once was.

What does this philosophical soldier of the future arm himself with in this up and coming struggle for America’s soul? Willpower; the forged beliefs that will not be persuaded by envy, hate, divisiveness, and peer loathing. A very high probability exists that the vehicles of mass distraction will be embedded into every single piece of media used to disperse information: Television, Radio, Internet, and Print. How will they be given birth? By perpetuating the status quo.


Donning your mental and moral shield to deflect the onslaught of future political rhetoric, what metrics should we use to choose the best candidate to represent the interests of the few remaining loyal Americans?

Experience? No

Popularity/Plurality? Nope

Likeability? Not even close

Economic savvy? Try again

Stance on <a certain subject>? Doesn’t matter.

At this point on America’s timeline, measuring a candidate goes way beyond nailing down what he/she should be good at or has done in their past to derive credibility. The new metrics traverse our age-old ideas of what citizens used to think a candidate should be and which they gave credence.

Here and now, and taking into consideration their voting record if applicable, there’s only one other metric which we should use to measure the equity of the candidate; for all that is good will be born from this leader that has this quality which can only be earned, not granted:

Are they a statesman?

DEFINITION OF THE SECRET INGREDIENT’s partial definition of statesman:

1. a person who exhibits great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of a government or in dealing with important public issues.

Partial extraction from Wikipedia:

…Statesmanship also conveys a quality of leadership that organically brings people together and of eldership, a spirit of caring for others and for the whole.

AceFrog’s definition:

1. Of, have, or pertaining to the qualities necessary to forego the petty and embrace the spirit, desires, and relevance of all mankind at the hand of The U.S. Constitution.

2. To solely, unselfishly, and passionately lead for the betterment of others.

3. To inspire through action, speak with conviction, and empower others.


The insurmountable problems the next President of the Unites States will encounter, and their unwavering pace of deliverance, will be something never seen before in modern history. The situation will be so complex, at times so confusing, that most will simply be overwhelmed. You’ll often hear the term chaos used to describe the complexities of the situations.

In comes the statesman.

A leader with character, desire, charisma, and heartfelt beliefs to simply lead for the betterment of others will help us get through the ominous crises of the future. Alternatively, if our future leader promotes the status quo – diving into selfish endeavors to prolong their political careers and appease those that fund their campaigns, America, as we once knew it, will undergo massive transformation. It won’t be over.

It just won’t be the America that once inspired, so many desired, and the world required.


Don’t allow to be persuaded by the filthy political rhetoric to come in our near future. Look through the candidate; try to gauge their will and get in tune with your instincts. Folks, each and every one of us is counting on your cunning prowess and your fortitude to pick America’s next leader.

For us loyal Americans who still remain, the time has come for politics as usual. Those who cannot lead must simply get out-of-the-way.

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