A Lasting Impression


I got to know someone last weekend after meeting them for the first time. It may have been just another stranger, a face in the crowd, if it wasn’t for her physical life ending at the ripe age of 93.


This experience helped prove that an individual’s life does matter. Each person’s contribution has meaning – often the root of unforeseen future circumstances. When a family member or friend recollects about the life of the departed, astute listeners can discern whether the speakers presents with the weight of sincerity or is airing the pleasantries out of respect. Plasticity exists for the context of getting through the process or it’s absent. There is no middle ground.

In the absence of plasticity during similar circumstances, the experience will enlighten and could alter your life.


I never had the pleasure of knowing Marse Stephenson – wife of Huey and mother of two. Then again, I’ve never met this family before today. My attendance at the funeral was to provide moral support and comfort to the special someone in my life. Fortunately, during the repast, the opportunity presented itself to meet Marse’s extended family.

After speaking with the sons, nephews, grand kids, and the circle of extended friends, it became crystal clear the deceased was an incredibly special, influential person. Conversations surrounding attendees repeated the same theme: “…she never judged nor held a grudge,” “…she gave, gave, and gave some more,””…always had more love to give,” “…always sincere about the well being of others,” and “her door was always open to those in need.”

From an outsider’s perspective looking in, it became clear that Marse’s marvelous legacy would persevere through the lasting impression upon those surviving her.


The next time feelings of meaningless existence creep into your psyche, remember the short story about Marse. She proved that making ripples in the living through care, compassion, and love will continue on as impenetrable waves long after one is gone.

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