The Ponzi of All Schemes


The  Social Security Trust Fund is and has always been a fraud. Millions of Americans have and continue to pay into a system that assists in funding one of the largest, most intricate ponzi schemes ever known to man. This fiasco has been going on for over seventy-six years thanks in large part to America’s thirty-second President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His vision of a social safety net has ultimately failed due to corrupted governance.


If you’re at or below the age of forty-five, you’d better have an alternate plan to offset the loss of Social Security payments. To regain positive net flow into America’s failed “trust fund,” it would take an approximate fifty-percent increase in the number of payers while simultaneously halting all non-liability/ssi payouts . Looking back at the historical actuaries of the Social Security Administration (SSA), too many of the balance sheets simply do not add up. Currency spent clearly exceed currency collected.


Next time you write your Congressman, be sure to ask him/her how much is currently in the Social Security Trust Fund. The reply will open your eyes.

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  1. Tim Adams says:

    This is why I invest elsewhere and do NOT count solely on government to fund my retirement. Nice site!