Welcome back to more of the same from our Senate.


Gridlock ensues again as the Senate’s arguing over another key bill teeters on the cliff of bill oblivion: payroll tax cuts.
The partisan bickering took the Senate to the bill’s final 11th hour. Out of haste and Harry Reid’s delight, the Senate approved a two month extension of the current bill. This extension will only lead to more partisan bickering next year, shows the Senates complete incompetence to counter with opposing legislation, and the Senate’s inability and inefficiency at solving fundamental American problems. In this case, they can’t even come to a consensus about cutting payroll taxes and whether these cuts should be permanent.

In America’s current economy, isn’t the answer to payroll tax cuts obvious? Shouldn’t the question of conjecture be how much of a tax cut?

Reid, do us all a favor, retire!


The Democrat party is pathetic and a majority of the Republicans are weak cowards. The Democrats, who currently control the Senate, have fiercely proven over three years that filibustering and archaic parliamentary tricks of legislation blocking are the tools of their trade. When it comes to any legislation that brings accountability to government, count on the Senate to block, stall, and compound the problem!

Recall the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” charade from earlier this year in which the Senate refused to take a vote. This pivotal legislation would cut general ledger spending, cap the amount government, in gross terms, can borrow, and impose mandatory balanced budgets. This was the bill that would put a balance budget amendment on the books! The House tried not once, but twice, to get the Senate to vote on the bill. Retarded Reid and idiot Schumer pulled all the stops to stall, and ultimately not vote, on the bill that would usher in a new era of accountability to America’s government.

In repeat fashion, the Senate stands in the way by not voting on the payroll tax cut bill. These damn, pathetic, senatorial politicians then blame other members in the House for their inability to properly do their jobs, i.e., come up with “a workable solution.”


The Senate is a separate legislative body, inclusive of themselves. They are supposed to be the stewards of checks and balances within government; the politicians who ensure the Constitutionality of the legislative process. If legislation arrives within their chambers that does not represent the interest of the people and/or promotes Constitutionality, they should offer an alternative and send it back to the House. That’s what Republics do and is supposed to be the working order of our Congress.

Instead, at Harry Reid’s leadership, the Senate has become the primary obstacle; insistent, purposeful, blockades of any effort put forth to begin healing our very sick governing bodies.


I hope you can recall the recent post in which I asked you, the voter, to forget what a politician says during an election year campaign and simply refer back to their voting records to derive the truth. Well, the time to put this effort to action is now! The hate speech is already rolling off the presses – each party attacking another over dogmatic dribble. To hell with the Republicans and Democrats who break their word time and time again while leaving the American people to hang out to dry.

How about readers of this post sidestep this unequivocal, repetitive, nonsense and become super savvy voters.

How? Simple.

Just do one thing: review their voting record and make a sound judgement call whether to re-elect (if they have another term) or dump them for some fresh political blood.


If you knew Mr. Obama’s voting record during his time in the Illinois State Senate, would you have still voted for him to be President of the United States? What does it say about a man who, time and time again, won’t place an “aye” or “nay” vote concerning key pieces of legislation?

I’ll tell you.

It shows a man without courage, conviction, or resolution to do the right thing. It shows an empty suit who’d rather become an expert in political maneuvering while tossing aside the needs of those that matter most: the citizens of the United States.


Our votes are the citizens only salvation to correcting course within a Democracy that has flown off the tracks. Even if you do feel that you are voting for the lesser of two evils, we still must vote.

It is nothing more than our civic duty.

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  1. John L. says:

    Come out, come out wherever you are!! Throw’em out!!