241 and Change

The last time you took a vacation, how much was your total daily expenditures? $100, $500, or maybe you went all out and spent $2,000 per day?


What if I told you our President, who resides over a country on the cliff of fiscal collapse, is spending $241,943.41 per day for his 17 day hiatus in Hawaii?

  • How does that make you feel as a hard-working, honest, Joe American taxpayer?
  • What does this say about this President’s ability to lead by example when he’s publicly communicated multiple times that all Americans should “tighten their belts,” stop being “…lazy,” and “…share the burden?”
  • Why is he the exception to the rule when we the people are his rulers?
  • How is it our President preaches fiscal responsibility but, time and time again, burns through cash at mind numbing velocity vis-a-vis endorsements of junk legislation and lavish vacations?
  • Why put forth such a brazen waste of tax dollars when it’s obvious it’ll negatively impact a majority of the voters?


You, the American voter, are a means to an end. If you voted for Obama in ’08 and do not fall into multi-millionaire status, you got used and are now being fiscally abused all the while having your liberties stolen in piecemeal fashion. Face the facts: Obama caters to the extreme rich because he needs continual campaign funding for his party that attacks American sovereignty via Obama’s “fundamental transformation” doctrine. These wealthy donors  cross many industry lines: bankers, investors, and Hollywood actors and actresses.

Transforming America is an expensive proposition.

Mr. Obama realizes he must squeeze his biggest donors for the Obama campaigns’ blitzkrieg ad series coming in 2012. Top loyal donors scratch Obama’s back by infusing him with cash – often times reaching several $100,000. This has been going on since 2008. In return, Mr. Obama promotes legislation infused with loopholes that benefit his donors. This type of legislation belongs in the barn, leading to its slang term of “pork barrel” legislation. The tool used to fatten the pork within the bill is “the earmark.”


Mr. Obama does not lie to the public when in need of political capital. He deceives. This man has blatantly passed along some of the greatest battery of lies in modern-day political history. For more than a year, he promised a government that would be fully open and transparent; The public would have five days to review each and every bill proposed by “his Congress” and the Federal Government would be lean,  efficient, and fiscally sound.

All of Obama’s promises have turned against the American people. Not one of his promises have been upheld.

In addition, he chooses to gallivant off for expensive vacations in Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, Japan, and Indonesia; has played more time-consuming golf than any other president within U.S. history; more deficit spending than any other President within U.S. history. Mr. Obama’s legislative and philosophical choices show that he does not believe in a free Republic that stands as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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