Power Grab

Do you believe in the potential of the individual or government?


A majority of the federal government has accepted the ideology of collectivism. It’s recent rapid growth can be attributed to the mentality, “If you can’t beat ’em, join them.” One of the entities affected happens to be the most important branch of the federal government: the legislative branch. The result is impervious stagnation at the hands of relentless congressional gridlock.

After much churning in my brain, I’ve derived the topic for the ultimate debate: What is correct system to govern future Americans?

To further expand, do we the people govern society as a group of individuals, taking recognition of one’s individual sovereignty or do we govern society as a whole, not recognizing their individual sovereignty? If governed as a whole, do we let the collective make decisions? At every level? What from the past have we learned to create success for our future?


Now is the appropriate time to propose questions which are quintessential to the debate. These questions are not loaded as to provoke a certain outcome. Instead, they are questions derived from the most profound advancements America has undertaken in her short existence and are what makes America unique.


Each question is allowed a maximum response of five minutes.

In America’s 235 years, has it been the individual or government who:

  • stopped tyranny from destroying free Nations?
  • advanced the cause of science and its methodologies?
  • advanced medicine and its premise to preserve life?
  • advanced technology to allow more fluid idea exchange?
  • produced countless innovations in numerous industries?
  • advanced nutritional sciences to increase the quality of one’s life?
  • fought for the right to free speech?
  • fought for the right to defend oneself?
  • fought for the right to due process?
  • has increased the wealth, i.e. GDP, of the U.S.?
  • has innovated and advanced America’s weapons’ arsenal?
  • raises families?
  • instills values?
  • teaches the young?
  • fought for civil rights?

Now take a look at the most pressing problems plaguing modern day America. Has it been the individual or government that has:

  • devalued the American dollar?
  • devalued the housing market?
  • increased inflation?
  • infringed on private property rights?
  • infringed on free speech rights?
  • infringed on gun rights?
  • raised taxes?
  • created class warfare?
  • massively increased our national debt?
  • massively increased our unfunded liabilities?
  • threatened the sovereignty of America by inadequate control of American borders?
  • creates unnecessary wars?
  • builds strength justifying growth to manage its own bureaucracy?


Take a moment and discover for yourself whether or not the individual or the government has added more value to American society within the last 235 years? All Americans need to reflect on this question because it addresses one of the core philosophies of their nation.

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