Connecting the Dots

Epiphanies are those interesting manifestations usually taking place at the most unplanned, unthinkable times.


I find epiphanies usually manifest themselves during mundane, daily occurrences and maybe that’s the catalyst. The mundane allows a relaxed mine to explore new conceptual ideas. These concepts can link together and formulate a strong, convincing hypothesis. On the rare occasion, one puts that hypothesis to work for discovery of factual basis.

Not too long ago, I had one of these epiphanies and have applied it to the rigors of my equivalent of the scientific method. With incredible shock, I’m on to something bigger than just theory.


The proof is undeniable.

It opens up new concepts and breaks down old barriers. I am going to show you what I’ve found and how you will need to act in order to flourish. The reader, harnessing the power of rationale, will pick apart my ideas and look for flaws while possibly discovering new-found truths!

I invite the rigors of mental swashbuckling as it’ll lead to even further conviction and evolve into what we’re all looking for: truth which leads to action!

Give me some time to put the facts to “paper,” connecting all the dots, and laying it out for everyone to witness. I’ll be the conduit and you’ll be the judge.

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