Electric Haze

Solyndra, GE’s Volt taxpayer subsidy, and the well-funded, strong-armed EPA taking over private land deeds due to “non-compliance” with their unconstitutional habitat laws are the new threats to liberty. These threats must be considered the new fronts in the fight for liberty by the American patriot.

We, the American people, are under assault from a facade that is painted green. The federal government, at the direction of the Obama Administration, is playing off your sympathies and empathy for the environment to institute widespread crony capitalism and the further consolidation of capital.


Americans en-masse are discovering that the push for electric cars actually produces more pollution than traditional, gasoline fed vehicles. I am sick and tired of being told by these bureaucratic, self-serving, narcissistic leaches who take our precious tax dollars, funnel them into coffers for their political benefit, and then tell the American people to accept this product or service because it’s for their own good. Government does not create wealth. Only non-government entities create real wealth.

If a politician was an acute businessman, why would he/she be a politician?


Crony capitalism serves few masters at the bequest of many. The race to create alternative industries and their failures at the helm of government are high-profile crony capitalistic efforts that must be halted. This damage being done at the hands of those who incessantly concentrate power will ultimately have to be undone or repaired.

Too bad Lady Liberty can’t slap the swath of Americans still asleep at the wheel. She’s dying at our hands while the infection of crony capitalism spreads. Wake-up! Be conscientious where you spend your money. For now it’s the only power the people have left.

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