Fight or Flight?

America is worth the fight The soul of her existence lies both within the Constitution and the inalienable rights granted to all at birth. Don’t allow the current economic and political storms sway you from the fight.


America is man’s last stand for Constitutional freedom on Earth.

This great society has been severely diminished in the past forty-years. Does that make it the right time to throw in the towel? Should Americans let our foundation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness crumble? If you run from the United States, no matter how bad or corrupt it gets, what is the message to other freedom loving nations on Earth? What are you telling yourself? Is that message, “When it seems absolutely hopeless, cower and escape?” Or should it be, “when it seems that all has failed, may the true Patriot right the wrongs no matter what it takes.”


Over 2.7 million Americans have either died or been wounded in all American warfare. Millions have left behind countless wives, husbands, sons, and daughters to serve their country. Don’t we at least owe it to them to fight the ills of federal government bureaucracy and crony capitalism?

If America’s brave brothers and sisters interred at Arlington (USA), Luxembourg, Ardennes (Belgium), Henri-Chapelle (Belgium), Normandy (France), Brittany (France), Cambridge (England), Epinal (France), Florence (Italy), Honolulu (USA), Lorraine (France), Manila (Philippines), Netherlands, North Africa (Tunisia), Rhone (France), Sicily (Italy), Brookwood (England), Corozal (Panama), Flanders Field (Belgium), Oise-Aisne (France), Somme (France), St. Mihiel (France), or Suresnes (France) had a voice what would they say? More importantly what would they do?

If you’re concerned about America’s political and economic trajectory, don’t you have a responsibility to put action behind your concern? Isn’t that the least we owe to those that made the ultimate sacrifice?

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  1. phonsophy says:

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    • Matt says:

      Thank your for your kind words. Constructive and thought-provoking feedback gives me the push to continue providing, what I hope, is invaluable insight into some of the most pressing topics of our times. My opinion’s are based from a Constitutional perspective, not a Republican or Democrat position.

      Please continue to visit.

  2. Fight or Flight? | AceFrog just best like you say!

    • Matt says:

      Fight for what you believe and never compromise the basic tenants of what makes our country a unique place to live. In fact, my post today, which is a filler for yesterday’s oversight, will touch on this very subject and is a near and dear concern of mine.