Intended Destruction

It’s irrefutable that Obama, his administration, and the rubber stamp, no brained, congressman who support his policies are deliberately trying to destroy the United States. Period!


  • US lost 129 millionaire households
    • Down to 5 million
  • 15% unemployment (real number)
    • U6 number
  • Credit Rating is going to be downgraded again for the second time
  • Spending as a percentage of GDP hasn’t been this high since 1946
    • Spending in absolute dollars is higher than any time in human history
  • The overall debt, when we consider on budget and unfunded liabilities, is over 115 trillion dollars
  • Yearly deficits are routinely over half of a trillion dollars
    • Not considering Medicare or Medicaid
  • 69,000 jobs were created in the month of April
    • That’s 1,380 a state if it fell equally across the U.S.


Class warfare is at an all time high. Its sole purpose is to confuse, distract, and anger the masses into thinking a small percentage of the population is to blame for these massive economic failures. Hard to believe isn’t it? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the Obama administration spending nearly 6 trillion dollars in his presidency. The U.S. is now worse off than his first term back in 2009.

The United States is now at a federal spending clip where its debt is nearly 1 trillion dollars a year. What does the average American gain out of this debt farce? Absolutely nothing!

If you have children and currently support Obama, prepare to be ashamed of your terribly ignorant self. Why? You are committing your children and future grand kids to financial shackles of debt!


Examples of capitalistic warfare against small businesses by the federal government are so massive and out of control, to try to list all the infractions would take me a week! It should be understood that all U.S. industries, on some scale, are under siege via taxation, misrepresentation, and/or over regulation. This touches on industries ranging from small farmers via the EPA’s spy drones used against them to grocery store owners and auto shops. It’s an Orwellian nightmare in epic proportions.

Class warfare has become the tool du jour to distract the population’s attention away from the horrendous state of the economy. One of its greatest supporters is the BLS. Obama can often be found at press conferences spewing the Bureau of Labor Statistics federally skewed metrics. He seems to think it brings him credibility. For the rest of us, we see this as another reason why this man can never be trusted.

To round out the deception, Obama likes to tout the gross number of jobs created within the U.S. economy, not net. This is a very important distinction and should be understood by all!


At plainly as I can put it, if you vote for Obama in 2012 you no longer believe in the American ideals of the individual, capitalism, small business, and the right to speak freely, defend yourself, and do what you want with your body. You have joined the camp that believe government can do most things better than the individual; that “the state” can make better informed decisions while receiving greater results when compared to individuals practicing liberty.

With emphatic contrast, I simply do not support you.

Instead of changing America to a mirrored reflection of past historical failures, why not steer our society back to the basics and give the Constitution a chance to mend and move forward?

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