Measured Change

There’s a growing movement within the United States to throw out both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, get behind a third party, and move politics into a new era. This is America’s right for wanting to add a serious political competitor but before doing so may I ask a favor?


To the U.S. voter who wishes to institute a third party candidate, can you please wait another four years to rally around your movement? The United States must, without distraction, focus on getting Obama out of office. There should be no other focus, desire, or will of Americans but to rid the United States’ “leader” who deems our culture unfit for his revolution.

You, the U.S. voter, please place your vote measuring the results of the last four years. Do not allow media talking points to persuade your convictions. Place your vote with the current administration’s track record in the forefront of your mind.

Vote on principle which equals the facts of one’s own voting record.

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