The following implementations must be undertaken by Congress to repair the United States’ economy, society, and its cultural identity over the next four years.


For Congress to enact the follow action items, the reclamation of liberty for all United States’ citizens would begin on January 1st, 2013:



January 1st, 2013

    • Across the board 20% reduction of all departmental budgets
      • Additional 30% budget reduction of the Environmental Protection Agency
    • Roll back EPA regulations to 1992
    • All federal government employees receive equal benefits as proposed in bipartisan federal legislation
    • Repeal Obamacare
    • Repeal anti-drilling legislation for the production of oil
    • Encourage alternate energy source R&D/production through meaningful tax credits

January 1st, 2014

    • Abolish
      • The Department of Homeland Security
      • The Department of Education
      • Cap and Trade
    • Institute meaningful tax credits for home schooling
    • Get American troops out of Afghanistan/Iraq
    • Implement 20%  corporate tax reduction
    • End all federal COLA’s

January 1st, 2015

    • Abolish
      • IRS
      • The Federal Reserve
    • Revert back to the gold standard
    • End all quantitative easing
    • Put the Treasury back in control of the U.S. dollar
    • Institute a federal flat tax
    • Sign a balanced budget amendment into law
      • Effect of no balanced budget equals suspension of members of Congress yearly salary
    • Abolish SPAC

January 1st, 2016

    • Revamp Social Security
      • Utilize Congressman Paul Ryan’s legislation
    • Fortification of US/Mexico border with military assets from Afghanistan theater
    • Absolutely no amnesty by Executive Order
      • $100,000 fine per incident for any business found utilizing illegal alien labor
      • Expansion of e-verify system with monies collected from fines


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  1. Derrick Halter says:

    What about raising corporate taxes? We need more money coming into the Federal Government to pay for these programs. It is naive to think that most of the programs are unnecessary.

    • Matt says:

      My metaphor is the cliche bucket with holes. No matter how much water you pour in the bucket, it will continue to leak. We have too many metaphorical “holes” in DC, i.e., wasteful spending. Government is an institution for the sole betterment of its citizenry. It is my opinion that our Federal Government has strayed so far away from its reason for existence that it has become an instrument of suppressing liberty and one’s pursuit to better his/her life.
      First, lets get the Federal Government in a balanced state by implementing budget reductions across the board, passing a balanced budget amendment, etc. I recently provided a list, coined “Solu-List,” of actions the Federal Government needs to take in order to regain its solvency —
      Once the Federal Government is back on track to solvency (which is a very tough, long enduring task), then I don’t have a problem making sure corporate taxes are inline with the current tax code.