Opaque House

We are in the midst of the most transparent, open, governmental administration within United States history.

President Obama laid the groundwork in 2009 with a flurry of speeches focusing on governmental transparency and honesty with the American people. He paved the way for an administration that was an open book. Information would be easily accessible to the American people so elected officials could be held accountable. A new era of trust would be shared between the government and its citizenry.


In January 2009, President Obama was quoted on C-SPAN stating:

“…the way to make government responsible is hold it accountable. The way to make government accountable is make it transparent so the American people can know exactly what decisions are being made, how they’re being made, and whether their interests are being well served…”

In this same speech, President Obama addressed the issue of escalating secrecy in D.C., specifically stating:

“…the old rules said that if there’s a defensible argument for not disclosing something to the American people, that it should not be disclosed. That era is now over…”

He closed the speech by saying:

“…transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.”


“Fast and Furious” has officially ended the White House’s new governance of transparency and accountability. Today, Eric Holder was granted executive privilege in concert with the documents retrieved last October via congressional subpoena. Guess there is something to hide after all and you can bet the damning evidence points directly to the White House.


It should be crystal clear to every American, no matter race, religion, or class that this administration is more divisive, hypocritical, and dangerous than the last and must be thrown out of office in 2012.

We, the U.S. citizenry, must hold our public officials accountable; acting as our own branch by the routine practice of acute checks and balances. Pay attention. Go back and visit the speech in 2009 by President Obama. Compare and contrast what was promised and the current state of affairs in D.C.


It’s up to the American people to hold Obama accountable. We should do to him as he so passionately and eloquently promised to do for us.

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  1. Good post. I’m a normal visitor of your blog and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the excellent site. I will be a frequent visitor for a long time.

  2. Debbie Kitchens says:


    Your blogs will become my daily reads. Wonderful writing and you are a cute guy as well.

    But, as a Southern Democrat, I cannot imagine life under Mitt Romney and the Ryan Plan.

    Darrell Issa said today there is no evidence that the White House was involved in “Fast and Furious”. Why wasn’t the head of the ATF subpoenaed? Operation Gunrunner was started in 2006 under the Bush Administration. The more I read, the more it seems like a political play.

    What do I know?…Love, Love your blogs Tim

    Debbie K

    • Debbie Kitchens says:

      I meant “Matt” not Tim. Please forgive that name error!!!


    • Matt says:

      Thank you for the kind words. It is my hope that the sharing of these thoughts assist in the awakening that must prevail in our society. Now onto commenting about your points.

      Mitt Romney: He is not my first choice, nor would it be my second. I think Mr. Romney would make a terrific Attorney General but lets step back into reality. The country is in serious decline. Obama, at the wheel of the Presidency, has spent more than any other President in our Nation’s history. What do we have to show for it? Horrendous GDP, 15+ trillion dollar deficit, healthcare legislation that has several unconstitutional mandates, escalating infighting/bickering in Congress, branches of Government that are seriously overstepping their boundaries, manipulation of statistics about the unemployed, etc.

      Simply, President Obama’s policies have not only failed but are causing serious, irreputable, harm to an already fragile economy and culture. If we forage on and implement four more years of this ideological hackery, from a purely statistics point-of-view, the country’s economy, as you and I know and understand, will not survive. If you’d like, I can expound upon why but I’ll wait to see if you ask.

      I despise being in this situation where we have to choose between two lackluster candidates. Then again, maybe it all goes back to that ’80/’90’s mantra that “it’s the economy, stupid.” America must traverse on a course of economic correction by implementing simple, sound, economic principles that any sane household would follow.

      Ryan plan: I’d like to hear why, from a Southern Democrat, the Ryan plan is bad legislation? Looking forward to the dialogue.

      Fast and Furious: Great question concerning why the head of the ATF wasn’t subpoenaed. You know why? Because Eric Holder, simply, got caught lying about what he actually new about Fast and Furious. This trumps all other political plays. Holder lied under oath and got caught. It’s irrefutable.

      Operation Gunrunner: What does it matter if Gunrunner was started under another administration? The question that we need to focus upon is why the mad scramble within the 11th hour to turn executive privilege over documents that are going to ultimately come to surface? What is The White House hiding that is so politically damaging to their re-election campaign? Those are the questions I’d like to have answered.

      Keep the comments coming!
      Matt (not Tim)

      • Debbie Kitchens says:


        The Roadmap for America’s future AKA The Ryan Budget Plan will have steep cuts in Social Security and Medicare. It would give high-income households income tax cuts, eliminating income taxes on capital gains, abolishing the corporate income tax and estate tax.

        Now grant it, if I were wealthy this would just fine and dandy. I wouldn’t mind being a multi-millionaire myself. I earn a good income as an RN and I do some investing on my own. My opinions aren’t directed at myself but at the elderly…the ones who rely totally on Social Security and Medicare.

        I agree that the deficit has to come down but don’t make our elderly responsible. They have a hard enough time buying food, paying electric bills and buying their meds. There are some retirees who saved, invested in 401ks, etc. to supplement Soc. Sec. They could get by.

        I have always liked Steve Forbes’ idea of an across the board, flat 17% income tax rate starting at wages $36,000 and higher. Junk the present tax plan. Why wouldn’t this work?

        I might add that my Dad was a Republican who had a tendency to blame Roosevelt for all the ills of the world. Yes, I’m a Democrat but I’m not past voting for the right candidate regardless of party affiliation. I would like for you to expound on Obama’s policies. IMHO that both candidates aren’t worth 2 cents in cleaning up this economic disaster.

        The Holder mess…I think it’s just part of the GOP’s plan to get rid of Mr. Obama. Why do I think that?
        Because a well-respected Republican Tennessee Senator, whom I voted for, was part of the committee that met on Inaugural night for the purpose of keeping Obama a one-term president. The Senator is Bob Corker. From what I have read, Attorney Holder gave up documents about “Fast and Furious” and put an end to that operation. Eric Holder is also against the voter ID law…uh oh!


        P.S. Who do I think would make a good President?…Colin Powell

        • Matt says:

          With the upholding of the Affordable Care Act today, I’m making the assumption that you are happy with the outcome? I’m simply outraged upon one decisive fact: what was once deemed a tax, then vehemently said not to be a tax by Obama, and now “ObamaCare” holds up under legal scrutiny by the Supreme Court because IT IS a tax confirms that the Supreme Court is way out-of-bounds in their judicial role. Whatever happened to this body of government and its sole purpose of maintaining Constitutional law? Now, it’s all politics. When the Supreme Court blatantly rules against statutes in the U.S. Constitution, in plain site for all to see, there is no disputing that our society is moving away from Constitutional authority and moving into individual authority via Totalitarianism.

          Now, I digress to comment on your talking points.

          SOCIAL SECURITY: Lets get on the same page. Do you agree that Social Security is going bankrupt? If not, please visit the GAO and look up the forecast when spending will outstrip monies coming in. It’s a fact. Social Security is on the way to bankruptcy. And please don’t fall victim to the idea that there’s some kind of trust fund, account, etc. No. Those monies are long gone. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that we, I included, have been paying into for a very long time. Charles would be proud! It’s initial intentions were good but, once again, Government simply can’t keep their word/promise when LARGE sums of money sit, just waiting to be allocated elsewhere.

          MEDICARE: Spending is, unequivocally, out of control. Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the numbers. Please visit http://www.usdebtclock.org and see the skyrocketing unfunded liabilities in action, which include Medicare!

          CAPITAL GAINS: America can only exist as a Nation that rewards individual Capitalistic efforts in which the market rewards fairly, justly, and swiftly. The current laws surrounding Capital Gains go against the very principles of unfettered progress within any industry without unfair punishment. Capital Gains are, by their very nature, unfair. Would you rather future inventions, progress in medical science, engineering, etc. occur in the U.S. or elsewhere? As it stands, the U.S. is not friendly to business. Capital Gains punish those that made informed, educated decisions to capitalize in any number of markets. Why the hell should anyone be punished for making the right decision, and benefiting, from risks that they took? Debbie, look around at all the items within view. Guess what? They all came from creative folks that took risks. Does risk no longer equal reward?

          CORPORATE INCOME TAX: Again, America is not business friendly. Corporations can make more money oversea’s than they can being based out of the United States for one reason, and one reason only: the high taxes against Corps. I don’t know what you think about Corporations but they employ lots of people like you and I. They’re not evil; may not always be efficient but, inherently, not evil. We must increase incentives for businesses to come back to the USA to do business out of the U.S. As it stands, it’s just not economically viable to be “double taxed” when doing business overseas.

          ESTATE TAX: Why should anyone pay a tax on an inheritance, especially if its received from the death of another?

          THE ELDERLY: First, and foremost, I love the elderly, think the “Greatest Generation” was the greatest, and have nothing but respect for those that worked, lived, loved, and contributed. We need to start somewhere and that somewhere is now. The Social Security problem is extremely serious, and to continue putting it off for political reasons, is a travesty. It’s bankrupt. Let’s fix it and start now. It’s not all or nothing. The Ryan Plan weens our society off of SS over generations. What’s wrong with that? Shouldn’t I be responsible for my retirement.

          The reason staple items are so expensive has everything to do with Governmental manipulation in the marketplace. Price fixing, out-of-control taxation, Government picking winners and losers, bailouts, etc. is a big reason for everything getting more expensive. If you like, I will elaborate if asked.

          FLAT TAX/FAIR TAX: I’m all for it and, Debbie, we agree on something! Shall we celebrate? Seriously, I’m a firm believer that consumption should be taxed NOT income. Did you know that the Framers never implemented, nor intended, for any type of income tax? Why should people be “punished” for what they make? Let them get taxed on when they spend it!

          OBAMA’s POLICIES: It’s not so much that Obama’s policies are to blame, it’s his core ideologies. But first, let’s answer your question. Policies that expose his ideology: Affordable Care Act, Monetary Policy (Keynesian economics — he doesn’t even follow this because spending never ceases), Energy Policy (growth of dependence upon foreign sources AND sourcing), and Regulatory Policy (GAO shows that he’s grown the size of Government faster/bigger than any past President). Plainly, Obama believes you and I will have far greater success if Government is the main player, controller, in society. The private citizen should not be the primary holder of power. Instead, the Government knows what’s best for society and it’s ability to flourish.


          Government doesn’t create jobs. Government doesn’t make anyone in the private sector rich (maybe inadvertently, but by definition, no). Government can get to over reaching and destroy the very foundation of a society.

          MITT ROMNEY: Not a huge fan, not even close to being my first choice, but at least he understands economics, capitalism, and how to create wealth. Name one thing Obama has done to create wealth for the private citizenry in our country?

          HOLDER: If what you say is true, that’s bad. So be it. Then Mr. Holder/The White House should just comply and hand over the documents! Why Executive Privilege? I thought this was supposed to be “the most transparent” administration in history? Just comply, even if it is ridiculous. Why go against committee unless there is some damning information that you want to hide? Where did you hear that Holder is against the ID law?

          Thank you for your contributions. They are very much appreciated!

          • Debbie Kitchens says:


            Educate me on the Republican platform regarding Social Security and Medicare.

            I agree with your statement on Roosevelt. In all fairness, Roosevelt himself didn’t believe Social Security would be sustainable forever.

            Why? Why? Do you not like Obamacare. I can’t get it through my thick head why this program is hated by so many?

            Enjoying your blogs still,
            Debbie K

            • Matt says:

              Guess it’d be a good time to introduce that I also disagree with many Republicans on the hill too. If I must be labeled, which I believe is a shortfall as it leads to generalized assumptions, most appropriate would be a strict constructionist. I believe many of the ills we are living today are due to wide, ideological driven, perverse interpretations of Constitutional Law. Some of these have led to dangerous paths that are threatening the welfare of future generations. One of those is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). More on that in a sec.

              Social Security: Ah, the third rail of politics. The death spike to any if one touches it. Good ol’ Social Security. Many Republican’s plan for SSI is reformation in the allocation structure. Why? Too much money is going out and not enough coming in. Now before beating your chest and asking about raising taxes on the “rich,” let’s first agree that the system is terribly broken. A few Congress members, such as Ryan, understand and are brave enough to speak out that Social Security is broke and must be reformed. I, for one, would begin a process of weening the country off Social Security and abolishing it at the end of a generation (generational replacement). This would be done using a stair-step approach of contributions to ensure those that those that are qualified are covered and that each successive generation would have less successive coverage. By the time the Millennials reach retirement, the system is gone.

              I am compassionate, LOVE our seniors but realize that this system is inherently wrong. We need to teach replacement generations that one saves up for retirement; that through hard work, education, and a life filled with prosperity through studious efforts, one should save for the day when their income stops. Time to raise the societal bar, Debbie. Not everyone wins but we cannot all suffer in the name of fairness.

              To further elaborate, one of my foundation principles fits nicely here: the concentration of wealth in the public sector DOES NOT create wealth in the private sector.

              Medicare: The Medicare Exchange idea, in which seniors would choose a plan in a competitive marketplace. I like this idea because seniors can choose coverage that best serves their interests. If their choice costs less than the benchmark, they get a rebate. If it costs more, they must make up the difference.

              PPACA: It’s hated because it forces the individual to pay for something they might not necessarily need. 30+ million young adults will now be forced into a system that doesn’t benefit them. Smell like something of the past? What could that be? Oh, Social Security. I, like millions of others, have paid into that system for years, and years, and years. Will I see a dime of it? Most likely not. Why should we now trust Government to manage something that is 1/7th of our economy? This bill is an absolute disaster and has yet-to-be seen ramifications that will harm the private citizens’ welfare.

              Furthermore, how many members of Congress have read the 2700 pages? It’s garbage and DOES NOT have your best interest at heart, Debbie. It’s a vehicle for control and to further concentrate power. It is a modern day Trojan Horse.

              In closing, to not look at historical precedence when making such massive legislative decisions leads to certain, widespread, failure. I hope you appreciate my contributions as I appreciate yours.