Blatant Desperation

On June 15th, 2012, Obama announces that he will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants.

One week later, Obama is in Florida speaking to Hispanic leaders about the future of America. Do you see the political bridge?


Obama understands that capturing the Hispanic vote is the only way he’ll win the November election. His political advisors have figured out that he must win over the thirty and under legal/illegal vote as this is the fastest growing demographic within the United States.

Obama’s actions clearly define his intentions – the intention to win no matter the costs!


The current administration is so far out of legal bounds with this latest maneuver, I wouldn’t be surprised if we witness constitutional lawyers/teams coming out of the woodwork to fight this flagrant abuse of power.

Obama and constitutionality? Applied on when it benefits his endeavors.

Obama and the law? It can be bent because the ends justify the means.

Obama and ethics? Preach the highest morals but do not practice behind closed doors.

Obama and repairing America? Put it on hold because he must win the November election!


Obama is full-tilt, 110% playing political chess, at any and all costs, to win the November election. His “advisers” realize that the voting public must be distracted from his record as it severely damages his image and counters his message of continued transformational change.

If you, the voter, care about your kid’s future and the American ideals of liberty, freedom, and justice, it is your duty to cast your vote with Obama’s record in mind. Succumbing to the political desperation put forth by the Obama administration simply exposes your true colors of selfishness, loss of ideals, the concept of sacrifice, and, most importantly, that America is a lawful nation.


When the people compromise the statute of law through apathy and appeasement, republics slowly mutate into totalitarian prisons.

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