General Failure

2009: The American taxpayer bails-out General Motors.

2010: GM emerges with an IPO that breaks records.

2011: GM’s ledger sheet is in the black.

2012: GM announces it’s building plants in Russia.


Thank you General Motors for taking your new-found success, at the sacrifice of the American taxpayer, and expanding into Russia. Will those be American workers employed in Russia? No.Will these revenues benefit America? No. GM simply benefits from the low international tax rate and will continue their expansion overseas. There is little incentive to expand within the United States.


Why will GM continue international expansion after succeeding in Russia? How can GM justify these international efforts that sucker punch GM’s savior: the American taxpayer?  Simply, America’s federal government continues to foster and coddle a business environment that is hostile to corporate interest.  High corporate tax rates, double taxing, and the debasing of the American dollar are just a few of the top reasons corporations, such as GM, feel they have no other option but to expand overseas.

Once again, the American taxpayer gets the short-end of the stick at the hand of the federal government.


The United States federal government does not create jobs that create real wealth, can not run healthcare, and should never overstep its role within society by bailing out any private institution. Once this line is blurred, it opens the floodgates for any future “too big to fail” institutions.

Let’s keep it simple.

Stick to the United States’ Constitution and have the voter’s demand these modifications for the next four years.

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