Hope Rings

Getting hitched? Setting up a wedding registry? Don’t forget Obama.


Instead of asking for dishware, fondue pots, bedding, luggage, or even a vacuum cleaner from friends and family, how about establishing a wedding registry that donates to the Obama campaign?

What? You don’t believe me? Oh yes, it’s true! Go see it for yourself (No longer active. This effort received horrible press.)


America now has the office of the President of the United States pandering for money via wedding gift registries! This feckless, pathetic attempt to raise cash at any and all costs by the Obama campaign is stunning!

How can any voter think this is an appropriate way to fund despair and tyranny? Bringing politics into a wedding registry is an idea born out of really bad taste and just goes to show how the Obama campaign will do anything to acquire funds for their continued terror upon the United States.

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  1. Savannah says:

    This is a really good site post, im delighted I came across it. Ill be back down the track to check out other posts.

    • Matt says:

      Thank you Savannah. More of us need to be aware of where, when, and why when it comes to public spending and needless governmental promotions.