Dissolving Borders

Welcome to Ariexico. A state under siege by illegal immigration, horrendous violence from drug cartels, and the widespread destruction of private and public property underwent a huge defeat at the hands of an overzealous, ideological driven Supreme Court.


SB 1070, the Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act put forth by the Arizona  state legislature and heavily promoted by Governor Jan Brewer, was defeated by the Supreme Court. Three of the four provisions of the proposed law were voted out thus rendering the legislation unenforceable.

SB 1070 was simply an extension of federal immigration law. The Arizona state legislature did its best to devise a law that would not contradict it. Sadly, the Supreme Court chose to shoot down SB 107o, and inadvertently, put in question long-standing federal immigration statutes. After the ruling, how are law enforcement and border patrol agents supposed to enforce federal immigration laws with the nullification of SB 1070’s statutes that mirrored federal law? This is a serious dilemma and is causing massive confusion within the law enforcement community.


The Supreme Court has waged war against legal civility with its ruling against SB 1070. The highest court in the land has communicated to the nation that America’s sovereignty is no longer a top concern for our society. Instead, maintaining and expanding the centralization of power is a top priority of this court at the head nod of the Obama administration. It’s not surprising the Obama administration applauds the Supreme Court’s decision as it will further grow their voting base.

Dear American citizen, you are witnessing destructive, fundamental legislative shifts within the very fabric that binds and defines us as Americans. What will be the result of SB 1070’s failure? Short term, mass influx of illegals over the southern border. These surges could reach farther south into Central America since this precedent has been set. Also, the ruling will also create further separation between the rich and poor while increasing the number of impoverished.


On the ascendancy within the United States: Class warfare, lawlessness, centralization of governmental power, degradation of individual rights, widening divide between the ultra rich and the poor, expansion of the impoverished, number of citizens on governmental assistance, legal contradictions between state and federal law, plutocracy, and crony capitalism.

Entities declining within the United States: Ingenuity, individual incentive, patriotism, legitimate capital markets, equal access to wealth, freedom of speech, military strength, space exploration, and national unity/patriotism.

If there was ever a time that the historical saying “united we stand, divided we fall” applies in America, that time is now.

Sadly, the ebb and flow between freedom and tyranny has all but stopped. America is showing the rest of the world its chosen to try a new approach to an old, warn our twentieth century concept: Totalitarianism. Somehow, the United States is supposed to govern herself with D.C.’s iron fist while spreading hope through global democracy.

Hypocrisy, hubris, and misplaced power are chipping away at the republic and the rest of the world is taking note.


America, it’s not at your proverbial doorstep. No, you are living within it. You, your loved ones, neighbors, friends, and family in the United States are now experiencing real life tyranny within a growing totalitarian nation. If you think your stature, ethnicity, “class” distinction, or even regional location shield you from the evils born from excessive tyranny, you are sadly mistaken. First, the poor get the brunt of a failing democracy mainly through the pullback in state assistance due to shrinking revenues and escalating debt. As the state begins to internally collapse, what’s left of middle class citizens will be destroyed by escalating market prices, destruction of purchasing power within their currency, and theft of their savings by inflation. By the time the middle class is destroyed, the rich/elite of the United States will have all but evaded the economic calamity by moving their capital offshore and into emerging asset classes. The wealthy get the most time to act as they are witness to the destruction of the nation from the bottom up.

You might be questioning my sanity or thinking I’m driven by conspiratorial fantasies since economic fallout could never happen in America! Maybe you’ve forgotten history or are not able to draw parallels between contemporary American economic indicators and history’s biggest economic events.

A startling example to exemplify my point are the nations of Italy, Germany, Japan, and the former U.S.S.R. in the early and mid 20th century. Their massive struggles with unyielding centralization of power and the ills born from it have already been written in the annals of history. The United States is simply repeating what history has shown does not work but is doing it on a massive scale.

How could this be happening in a country with so much power and a Constitution? It’s quite simple.

The U.S. citizenry has chosen not to defend constitutionality en masse. Their placation justifies and emblazoned further tyranny at the hand of those in the public sector meant to preserve these liberties. While the people bow their heads in apathy and distraction, their most sacred constitutional rights are being piecemealed and destroyed.


“A nation that obfuscates laws that are essential for its own existence is a nation in decline.”    — Matt

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  1. Richard says:

    Clearly with over 15000000 americains out of work and over 15000000 illeagle imagrants in the U.S. being allowed to trample, shape, and munipulate political polocy by demanding rights witch they were never intitled to has resaulted in a shift in the balance of power bettween the fedruol. judishal and legaslative branches with the net resault being the loss of the will of the citizens of the United States. Our Contary Is being systamaticly invaded by a forgien agressor with imports 80%of all illeagle drugs and gang violence ganges are by there vary nature a terroust organization, and a national sacurity threat. responsable for 1000s of deaths every year in this nation as well as there own. Fast And Ferious Is A Prime Example of Treason The Fed rolGovernment Armed A drug cartell with 1000 of wepons? Is this Drug Inforcment policy? If You Simpaly follow the money threw the systeem It becomes Evident that the more dope on the street the bigger fedrol and state law inforcment agencys get with the need to build a bigger better prison systeem, police force,fedrol prisions, D.E.A. Ect. these state and fedroul job. recive the best retirment and benafits packages in the countary. Cleary in there own intrest they would seek to perpetuate the problems rather then solve them in order to justifiey every incresing bugget demands. Is it just Me Or are there other citizens out there that fill we are being fleeced by a burocratic systeem that serves no perpouse other then to prepetuate its self by any means nessery at the expence of every freedom in the constatution of the united states of America.

    • Matt says:

      You and I, along with millions of other legal citizens, see the Federal Government, and all of its agencies, as a net loss. What was once a limited government for the purpose of serving the people by the people has become a self-fulfilling, power lust, entity. I think the greatest travesties put forth by the current administration and Congress is on the domestic front. In consideration to Obamacare, the to-big-to-fail bailout mentality, TARP, crony capitalism, devaluation of our currency, expanding of the welfare state, and the Social Security ponzi debacle, the average Middle Class American worker is under full attack. Furthermore, our culture is being diluted by millions upon millions of non-citizens who choose not to assimilate and prolong the American way of life. You’re right — illegals demand rights in the light of their own hypocrisy and have the majority support by the current administration. They are on their way to granting full amnesty with the only profit of voter persuasion. The damage being done is so immense it’s hard to fathom.

      I think you’re right in regards to the will of our fellow Americans being pushed to the limits. From talking with other political writers, small business owners, and many blue/white collar Americans, I get a sense of growing polarization. It’s as if people have not only lost confidence in the govern to set the stage for the governed to succeed, many just simply don’t know what to do. Why? The way of life Americans have grown to understand, nurture, and flourish is undergoing an incredibly destructive “fundamental transformation” right in front of our eyes. Obamacare is a perfect example of how out in the open the assault has evolved. I sure hope those that voted this radical in office take a step back, and with a non-partisan eye, survey the destruction that’s been put forth. Without a doubt, this transformation is for the sole, overreaching, purpose of concentrating power in the public sector.

      Concerning the DEA, I have a simple solution. Dissolve that agency, along with the EPA, and give all those employees the option to either work on the border/administrate with customs to help properly secure our porous southern border or look elsewhere for work. The DEA and the EPA have lost their way by the puppet masters who legislate in D.C. In tandem, Congress would need to repeal Obama’s recent grant of amnesty to young illegals.

      We have a lot of work to do as a country. It’s important that all of us step-up and make our voice heard. Through the void of objection, the citizenry grants approval. This mentality must change if we want the American culture to persevere.

  2. Frank Tyson says:

    A Nation without borders is no longer a Nation. Nice article. Keep on writing!

    • Matt says:

      I could not agree more, Frank. We must secure our borders. There’s no excuse otherwise!

    • Richard says:

      comentary on current noninforcment polocy upon illeagal imagration by the U.S. fedruol government and the ruling on S,B.70 by the sapreem court Justiceses. please excuss my bad spelling. It is a fact that the defanition of Treason is defined as an act commited by any agent sworn to protect the rights, freedoms and libertyof the citizens of the U.S. and said borders that resaults in the giving of aid and confort to the enamy.bothdomestic and forgen. Esspacily when this aid resaults in a shift in personal gain or power, by the act of giving power to forgein agents for the sole perpouse of abtaining political,economic and legaslative control by subverting the will of the people.

      • Matt says:

        In our politically correct culture, treasonous reparations would never be carried out even if The Constitution clearly defines treason. The illegals swarming in over the southern border are not viewed as foreign enemies in the eyes of the current administration. They are a means to the radical liberal’s end game. It’s easy to win their votes. Grant amnesty and put them on some type of governmental assistance. Make them dependent upon the entity that puts money in their pockets. In essence, it’s a bribe and is nothing more than free handouts for voter loyalty.