Learning to Walk Again

Today at AceFrog it’s time to break away from the norm.


From day-to-day, I research and write about topics that are shaping our future. It’s a pursuit that will only grow as time progresses. Today’s post will take a break from the usual topics and share one of my current, personal struggles. It’s an adventure that has all the emotional underpinnings tied in a nice, little, sharp thorn which is planted so stubbornly in my brain.

What is this endeavor?


It’s finding a career path that parallels one’s purpose in life. In years past, a plethora of work experiences have allowed the opportunity to experiment in various industries. From college, to sports, more side jobs than I can count, three start-up endeavors, and ten years in corporate America as a computer engineer,  I now find myself at a very interesting crossroads.

Do I traverse to safety or take more risk? Must I lead with intention of purposeful contribution or should I just do it for the money? I’ve already experimented with both endeavors in career’s past and find myself at this point once again. This is why I’m perplexed, excited, terrified, and intrigued all at the same time.

Feels like life over and over in its own unique way says, “nice try, now try again.”


Within the past year, I’ve embarked on a few entrepreneurial endeavors that did not fulfill the need to give something back. The business partners could not understand why I backed out of the effort. Soon to follow my exit were quotes on their walls within Facebook speaking of courage, risk/reward, taking chances, overcoming fears, etc. etc. They were, indirectly, posted for me to read with the intention of correcting my course. The timing of the posts were obvious and systematically brought out feelings of frustration mixed with a bit of anger.

It would seem that these folks have forgotten that there’s much more to life than money. Yes, money can acquire many things but how you get it is as equally as important as how much you have. How convenient for them to forget my shared stories of past successes and failures in businesses. It’s ironic that I was treated as a failure; a quitter who doesn’t see the obvious opportunity for bountiful wealth at my feet. Interesting that they chose to forget that I’m making these decisions with much more on the table than just greed and the desire of gaining respect through a powerful fiscal identity.

It took much more courage to say no than to continue to say yes.


I’ve come to believe that quality is quantity and quantity is absolute. To expand, if you pursue a quality of life that is true to your purpose within this life, the quantity, whatever it’s supposed to be, will aptly follow. Too often I’ve been involved with those that force quantity, no matter the quality, and it always seems to bring me right back to the same place.


This time around I will not succumb to the lucrative offers, the promises of great rewards due to early adoption, or the need to succeed no matter the cost. I will not fall into the trap of security for I have learned when choosing your path with wrongful intent, you’ll always end up back where you started.

The time is now; it’s time to learn to walk again.

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