Is this part of Obama’s plan to “transform America?” 

How in the name of anything sane does this benefit America? It’s simply astounding at the amount of lawlessness currently assaulting our southern border.



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  1. Frank Tyson says:


    • Matt says:

      And appalling. Hard to believe our country is being over run by non-citizens in the Southwest and it’s tolerated at the Federal level? In which rabbit hole have I’ve fallen and where is the bottom?

  2. Debbie Kitchens says:

    When did all this mass immigration start?

    My brother lived in Tijuana for 2 years. To quote him” it is a lawless, nasty place”. I can’t think of a rational answer on how to stop the illegals.

    I DO however think if they are going to work here they should have to pay taxes. I know for a fact that the Latinos purposely come to America to have their babies who become, of course, American citizens. I was in a line at a grocery store recently to get a money order. Around six Latinos were in front of me getting their checks cashed. The cashier commented on how fortunate they were to get their entire gross pay….nothing withheld.
    American citizens with alien parents who can receive all the entitlements that are available. eg: food stamps, WIC, commodities, etc.

    They are impoverished, desperate people and minimum wage here is big money for them and they are tireless workers.

    And…some commit crimes without fear of the law.
    Increased crime and more welfare…11 million alien and/or illegal Mexicans who don’t pay income tax!

    What can one do? I’m not racist either..1/2 Eastern Band Cherokee. My people are the ones who should gripe.

    Debbie K

    • Matt says:

      Depends who one’s talks to and the data one reads. Illegal immigration is totally out of control and is threatening the welfare of the Southwest and is burdening the rest of the country. Since most love videos these days, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8lLU7XjcWc

      As we extract troops and militarized assets from the Middle East, I’d deploy these military assets to the border. Fight fire with fire. No, not literally but what I’m saying is show strength. Our country should militarize the border. Let’s get serious about this problem and show the world that we do not condone illegal immigration. This is why we have a legal pathway to entry. By the way, what incentive is their for an illegal if he/she can just cross a porous border with little possibility of being punished?

      Time to beef up the border with our military. Period.

      EMPLOYING ILLEGALS: No, they shouldn’t work here! They are not legal. They chose not to come through a system that is in place for legal entry. I believe a stiff fine should be implemented that any business caught harboring or laboring an illegal should pay, a minimum fine, of $50,000 for each incident. All loopholes to get out of this fine would be zipped up. No if, ands, or buts. Time to get serious about this problem. It’s terribly out of control.

      RACISM: Debbie, it’s not about racism, as it does not matter. If it was Canadians flooding the country, I’d say the same thing. It’s about the rule of law and do we want a country governed by laws or do we want a lawless society? You can’t have one without the other nor can you allow some while enforcing others. Congress, and the President by executive fiat, are doing the worse thing possible by enforcing some laws on the books while ignoring others. Very dangerous!

      Obama has failed miserably in promoting the security of our borders. His recent amnesty declaration of illegal youth is outlandish, dangerous, and sets a horrendous precedence. Sadly, it’s all political in an effort to get re-elected.