Dig It

As American society progresses into darker days of negative socioeconomic conditions, try taking a proactive role to keep stereotypes at a minimum. It’s difficult to do, especially when you feel that someone needs to take the blame for your misery. This type of behavior serves no one and only causes misinformation which leads to destructive disinformation.


In the course of a conversation, lets say you discover someone is a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or maybe even a Libertarian, Green, or Constitution. You soon find your mind racing to that comfort space of understanding and categorize the individual’s stance on any number of political talking points. Satisfaction soon sets in since you’ve acquired a deeper understanding.

Not so fast.

What if the individual recently switched party affiliations or is thinking of doing so in the near future? What do you really know about him/her if they don’t feel comfortable with their party affiliation yet choose to say it out of fear of causing confusion? Maybe he/she harbor’s belief systems that cross party lines. Why should you ever assume the participant is devoted to any one party? It’s just a label and judging it in itself is only understanding the surface of the person.

It should now be blatantly clear that one’s political party doesn’t equate to a complete understanding of any individual. Further investigation is required in order to unearth their core belief systems.


Next time you find yourself in a conversation where a political party affiliation is shared, ask why? Don’t just make generalized assumptions about a person’s core values. I can guarantee you’ll gain deeper insight that’ll get you closer to a meaningful connection.

Life is dynamic, always changing, and so goes with all that are involved within it.

Keep digging!

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