America’s Birthday Letter

Dear Citizen,

In the pursuit to better your life and those you love, please don’t forget about me.

In the late eighteenth century, those fifty-three brave men who risked it all to confront oppression and live within their rights granted under Natural Law did so with recognition of no alternative. You see, there’s an ideal that gave passage to the wonders you experience today. It is not tangible, cannot be deciphered by any of your five senses, nor can it be contained. Not even your U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, or Federalist Papers can accurately portray it. It goes beyond any formal understanding of what you see in your material world.

This in which I speak binds us all. Race, creed, or geography have no say. All people’s of this Earth strive for, cherish, and ponder it to reach their own salvation. The only way to lose it is by allowing others to take it. One cannot forget it, as it the fiber that binds all men’s pasts, present, and futures. It is the most powerful, decisive right which you harbor but is terribly delicate and susceptible to unwavering abuse.

It is choice.

I give you tangible land and all of the riches which it harbors but it is you that must choose to protect your freedom of choice. Please understand that freedom of choice blankets all of mankind but I’m the place that sets the course for others to travel. If you allow me to perish in pursuit of disguised agendas, mankind will undergo unthinkable sorrows and lose direction towards its ultimate destination of peace on Earth.

Protect me and I shall always provide for you.


The United States of America

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  1. Isaac says:

    Along with Matt I have to also respectfully disagree with Tyler. “There is nothing new under the sun” as it’s been said. The fact that society is different now makes the ideals and unchanging principles of The Founder’s more important than ever. Those ideals are guiding principles which don’t change over time, just as the principle of gravity is the same today as it was back then: In spite of what society looks like now.

    It’s when we are the most lost is when we need reliable GUIDING principles the most. To point to the whims of an ever-increasingly confused modern “global” society as a reason to abandon time-tested principles is like saying we should abandon our anchors and rudders because we are in a windstorm. This is a philosophy which unwittingly seeks to lead “sheep to slaughter” and “ships into rocks”.

    But therein lies the deception which deepens by the minute. While “Globalism” is presented by many as a great solution, it is in fact merely a way to gather all the sheep together in one place: Easier to control and harvest. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and Globalism is another word for concentrated power without checks and balances: The law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest with no one left to hold the most powerful accountable in other words.

    Globalism is not a “utopian destination: It is the ultimate dream of sociopaths and would-be tyrants.

    And as the days go by, more and more people are hypnotized and seduced by the claimed benefits of this “new” kind of global society: Where solid principles are replaced by shifting sands promoted by shifty characters with snake-tounged lies.

    With all due respect I must reveal that it is Tyler and others like him who need to “wise up” before it is too late for them. And unfortunately, sooner would be a better time to wise up than later.

    I would recommend continuing to read truth-pursuing blogs like Acefrog, and deny the truth at your own peril.

    • Matt says:

      Excellent insight provided by Isaac. Thank you for drawing such eloquent parallels between 236 years ago and today! I sincerely ask Isaac to keep the contributions coming as they provide wonderful insight and are worthy contributions to raising the bar of awareness.

      I would like to briefly expand upon Isaac’s statement, “…ideals are guiding principles which don’t change over time.” As our society fractures under the growing presence of an expanding governmental force while undergoing the dilution of the American ideal within the minds of many, it is imperative for the citizens that know, feel, breathe, what I call the foundation, laid down by a few very brave men hundreds of years ago to preserve it within its entirety. One must not succumb, placate, or compromise the basic constructs that allowed America to evolve and thrive over a very brief respite of time.

      Yes, in many ways, America is in decline but why should we ever tuck our tail between our legs and conform to what many now think is the new norm? Just because an overbearing force, funded through extortion, perverts the rule of law to facilitate its own growth does not bear one to succumb by proxy. On the contrary, it’s the time to react! Speak out your beliefs, defy the illogical, and confront the acts of conformity leading to the dark abyss.

      History shows us, time and time again, it is the will of the people that counts most when a society is in peril. Without a shred of doubt in my mind and heart, America is in serious peril. Thankfully, there will be a breaking point in which a large conglomerate of like minded patriots will come to the rescue of the American ideal. How this will occur is anyone’s guess. I pray that it is peaceful.

      For now, the most important thing we can do every single day is live the foundation word-to-word, sentence-to-sentence, face-to-face with others in our society. Standing up for these beliefs in a growing force of opposition is not only the right thing to do; it is the only chance we have left.

  2. Tyler Dunnan says:

    Hey Matt,
    The Founder’s ideals don’t have the same meaning today. Society is different now. We’re not in the 18th century anymore. It’s the 21st century and a global society.

    Wise up!

    • Matt says:

      I disagree, Tyler. The Founder’s ideals, as you put it, were born out of the understanding that man will always strive to better his/her own life. It was important to them to create a framework that would give the greatest possibility for his/her success. I don’t see building the framework of society any other way, as The Constitution bases it’s principles off the nature of man within his/her environment.

  3. Bill McEwen says:

    Heartily agree! Well done!

  4. sue mcewn says:

    A beautiful symbol for the quintessential representation of our freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    • Matt says:

      Beautifully stated. Fellow bloggers/readers, let it be known that if we had more public school teachers like Sue McEwen, we’d all be a lot better off! She’s an inspiration!