Greatness in One

Greatness within a society can be measured by the efforts of one.ONE

An individual’s imagination is the most powerful construct we have within ourselves. It has allowed for the most magnificent of advances within society that allow daily existence supplemented with fulfillment and comfort. Year after year, societies that advance do so at the origin of an idea born from the individual. Look at your life. Think about all the modern-day advances that allow you to live beyond the most basic notion of finding your next meal. If you break down every single advancement within our communities, all that is great is born from the imagination of an individual.


Approximately half of the United States’ population has been either coerced through entitlements, duped by the media, defrauded by politicians, and/or influenced by peers that the collective can provide greater good to society than the individual. These falsities take root at the hands of one of our most powerful emotional responses: guilt.

How often have we heard from our governmental leaders that “everyone has a right to see a doctor, no one should retire without a safety net, the elderly should never be taken advantage of, children’s education come first,” or my personal favorite, “no one should ever go hungry!” Of course the good people of the United States want no one to suffer. It is how to go about the avoidance of suffering that is the crux of the modern-day political struggle.


The one and only way to avoid suffering at large in society is by embracing individual empowerment and rewarding individual achievement. The alternative of centralized power via legislative fiat creates ever-expanding governing bodies. This is done by vilifying the successful, diverting personal responsibility, destroying the effort/reward system (pseudo Capitalism), manufacturing propaganda and delivering it through coercion (the national media syndicate, a.k.a, mainstream media), and spreading poverty/concentrating wealth through the destruction of the U.S. dollar. All of these actions have one shared, common goal: heighten and expand collective dependency.

One-by-one, individual’s lose their drive and initiative to improve their outcome. They become frustrated or feel a sense of hopelessness. The individual begins to lose his/her identity as the most important asset in society. He/She begins to feel ashamed of wanting more while other’s suffer. It’s as if the only alternative is to surrender to the powerful force of change. Once an individual begins to act upon these emotions, he/she has entered the crossroads of a Republic vs. Socialism.

Hopefully, you are acquiring a feel of how Socialism spreads and gains traction. It preys on the most basic, fundamental human emotions that binds us all. In essence, it’s a psychological play at the Limbic level.

For example, the federal government is now advertising the usage of food stamps and other governmental programs to “feed the people.” When did it become the responsibility of someone else to make sure that I get fed? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I am responsible for my own diet but if I’ve become so destitute, lost, or mentally incapable of not being able to feed myself, then there should be a temporary safety net to ensure I get fed until proper evaluation and course correction are put forth to get me back on my own two feet.


Here at AceFrog, my main goal is to get you, the individual, to think step outside of the media; to reject the misdirected propaganda and coerced facts put forth by official sounding agencies. In essence, I’m doing the best I can to enhance your ability to think as an individual so you can take action to better yourself, and in turn, improve society.

For without you at your very best, America will never reach its full potential.

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  1. Mack Johnson says:

    Individual selfishness doesn’t help anyone.

    • Matt says:

      Individual selfishness is not a firm basis on which to destroy the very foundation of greatness. For to believe that a system only exists to put forth certain “classes” of people while keeping others in financial poverty is ludicrous. No one should cast their own shortfalls upon society, as it is the individual that has due course to steer his/her own ship.