Survival Quest

If you find yourself the object of more giving than receiving, don’t fret.

There’s a reason and it relates to Homo Sapiens’ tumultuous past and its relentless pursuit to survive.


The American ideal is not only under attack at the hands of our representative “leaders,” it is being diluted by our replacement generation caretakers who were not properly taught, and are not defending, the core fundamentals of America. Furthermore, we have an enormous swath of infiltrators, illegals, non-Americans, call them what you will, that are hijacking large swaths of the United States by blatant infiltration.

Hastening this serious problem, we have a government that refuses to enforce federal laws at the bequest of politics and persuasive vote capturing. For example, in the past couple of weeks, the Obama administration put in force the decommissioning of nine outpost on our southern border. While illegal immigration is at an all time high, the current administration puts their motives in clear view. There is no denying the fact that this action is a political play for re-election at the peril of the American people.


Sirens should be blaring. Your inner Paul Revere or Samuel Adam should be tugging at your conscience warning of the seriousness of this lawlessness. America is losing its way, from the inside-out, walking the historical path of self annihilation. Several superpowers of the not so distant past fell due to breaking laws necessary to maintain their own integrity while the masses did nothing.

All of these occurrences negatively affect the American citizen’s subconscious – manifesting itself in fear, panic, apathy, and polarization. The result is falling back and relying on animal instinct.


Acting out, Americans naturally become more selfish as survival mechanisms play a bigger role in their lives. What drives this psychological shift is growing chaos in modern society. As an informed American citizen feels a growing loss of control within the society that provides for them, their Limbic System institutes greater neural transmissions. The result is a heightened focus on survival and the beginnings of emotional acceptance.

As tyranny spreads at the hands of political chaos, we become more animalistic; putting more mental capital towards the ATP driven switch of fight or flight. As these actions materialize, citizenry’s selfish behavior intensifies thus promoting a destructive, self-serving cycle. In essence, we are de-evolving; stepping backwards towards the Dark Ages instead of running towards our unified pursuit to enlightenment.

The sad fact is a society cannot effectively innovate, pushing the evolutionary industrial envelope, while a large majority of its citizenry puts more and more mental capital towards survival. They are unequivocally counter-intuitive in today’s advanced society.


Make no mistake, survival mode is taking a widening grasp of the American population. Massive amounts of people are acting upon it, sometimes blatantly, often times more subtle. Even nation states are positioning themselves with survival in mind.

In order to counter this growing trend, America must regain its sense of being; returning to the core Constitutional ideals that used to steer society no matter the obstacle. If the people choose to retake control of America, we will, once again, be a nation that leads by example, institutes hope, and spreads goodwill instead of one that increasingly is thwarted from the enemy within.

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  1. Steven Prembelton says:

    As everyday prices of goods and services increase so does the probability of some type of unrest coming into societal realm. I hate to say it but maybe that’s what America needs. I sure hope we become fiscally responsible or else the alternative will be ugly.

    • Matt says:

      There are those that realize the inevitable, then there’s everyone else. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Socialist, or Conservative, the numbers don’t lie. This is an American problem, not a party problem; a problem so severe that it is threatening the very foundation of our country.