Y – For Better or Worse

Generation Y has the platform in place to become one of the greatest generations America has ever witnessed.


Over regulated, taxed, and physically spent. Lack of leadership and vision. Partisan polarization. Death spiral of debt. Crony capitalism. Central bank monetary manipulation. Quantitative prolonging. Always too big to fail. Super PAC, lobby it, or else. Housing market corruption/manipulation. Executive Branch absolutism. A catastrophically inept Senate. Cornerstone constitutional amendments under assault. Bankrupt cities. Voter manipulation/fraud. Expanding welfare state. Artificial stock market. Wavering consumer confidence. High unemployment. Absurd drug laws.  Lackluster GDP. Invasion by non-citizenry. Dilution of American ideal. Enormous incarceration. Crumbling foreign relations. Career politicians.

An overwhelmed citizenry is being hammered by a regulatory body that is, without question, completely out of fiscal and political control. With the ever-growing number of regulations shoved down the throats of the common American, many of us are overwhelmed to indifference. Poll after poll shows that citizens have very little faith in their government to do what’s best for the people.

In addition, we are no longer a body governed by a representation of us. Instead, we are a body that is dictated, directed, and coerced by a body that no longer relates to us but is funded by us! In essence, we have fallen into the hands of mother oligarchy and she is unwavering in her thirst for more and more power. She’ll do whatever’s necessary, at all cost, to maintain her grip on the American people.


Fortunately, all is not lost. How so? With so much demise comes terrific opportunity as governmental overreach has become the hallmarks of Generation Y’s reality. Simply put, Generation Y has been given a piece of coal in a golden lined, diamond encrusted, stocking. The coal represents the realities of today’s serious problems in our country while the golden stocking represents what could be with foresight, sacrifice, and, most importantly, proper intention.

It is their stage whether they like it or not. What they do with it is absolutely crucial to America’s existence.


The only other generation that had so much opportunity in the American story was, what we coin, The Greatest Generation. These were the folks that were born between 1914-1924. They would grow-up to become the men and women who helped stop the iron fist of Fascism. In essence, this generation, with the assistance of their brave allies around the world, saved it from one thousand years of absolute misery at the hands of a ruthless, murderous dictator.

Fast forward 100 years.

In 2017, Generation Y will replace the Baby Boomers as the ruling socioeconomic class. They will become the majority purchasing class and will shape policy through their economic, social, and lifestyle choices.


Destitution, despair, and loss of hope offers terrific opportunities within the eyes of visionaries. There will be Gen Y’ers that have the vision and the courage; that take the grip upon the reigns of their destiny to deconstruct the change needed so America can flourish once again.

At what capacity, and how far the reach, is to be seen. One thing is for sure: the opportunity to create greatness is right in front of you. The question then becomes can you muster the courage to face unrelenting tyrannical forces head on?

The few that do will go down in the annals of history as the greatest leaders to ever exist within the most profound country man has ever known.

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