Emotional Attachment

We are, first and foremost, emotional creatures.

All decisions and interactions encountered by each and every one of us has an emotional component. It is one of many variables within our human existence that binds us. It’s been said it’s what makes us human.

Recognizing this facet within our make-up, America needs an emotional wake-up.


Strip away variances that divide the American citizenry and what’s left are the basic ideals, each with an emotional attachment. Our ancestors struggled for eons trying to find harmonious equilibrium between emotional satisfaction and societal governance. Often times, these efforts led to oppressive factions using coercion, force, and fear to govern the masses. The end result was an overturning of power to a new force and, thus, the cycle continued.

Then it all changed.


A new faction gave birth to a nation with an underlying principle: Man is an emotional creature that must be fulfilled in his purposeful intent to find and harness happiness. The core of every American dictum within her founding documents attends to this basic emotional yearning. These founders clearly understood that its citizenry must feel emotionally sound in order to give their country the highest probability of success. In essence, they realized America’s success would always be dependent upon the emotional variable of its citizenry. Absolutely, unequivocally brilliant.


Fast forward several hundred years and we find an enormous number of  Americans have become emotional wrecks.

They feel haphazardly lost in a sea of rhetoric and coercion all delivered in the name of persuasion. To gain footing, this group has thrown-in the towel and have compromised their emotional soundness at the bequest of political ideology, short-sided political promises and deliberate, manipulative bribes.

Those of us that understand the importance of emotional soundness, and its corollary to success, realize how dangerous and destructive this behavior is to the health of America. It’s time to get back on emotional track.


Discover what makes you emotionally fulfilled and practice it daily. Do a simple service to the courageous individuals who overcame overwhelming odds in order to create a more perfect Union for you.

They deserve it.

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