A Steering Wheel Called Life

What if our leaders are the manifestation of our collective emotion?


What if your emotional state is equally as important to the health of not only you but also your home, community, city, state, and nation? Have you ever noticed that the more divided we become, the more dissatisfied we are with the results of the leaders that are chosen for us?

Try conscientiously changing your attitude. Be present and diligent with it.

Celebrate what you have and where you want to be. Do not dwell on what you don’t have or what you’ve become but imagine what can be derived from your untapped potential. America, it’s already within us. Just stop blocking it and let it flow freely from within.


Another item on the hit list – let’s limit the negativity and put forth action.

If you don’t like the way things are going, change it. If you don’t believe in an ideology, don’t practice it. If you don’t have much hope for your future, practice that which gives you it. If you want to be free, be free. If you want to be enslaved, then you shall be.

Know this – what you think, you will ultimately be.

The result at the top, i.e. what we coin leaders, is nothing more than the collective thoughts which have manifested into the physical. Have you ever noticed that America does its best when the hope of her people is unshakable?


Take any leader in history that has inspired you and examine the precursor to their rise to power. What is it? I believe it’s the people’s shared emotional similarities coalesced into a pinpoint entity. There lies the proof of my sentiments.

The emotional collective does seem to manifest itself into the physical. It acts like a dutiful law and if we don’t understand it, it will not serve us. On the contrary, if each of us simply starts to focus on what could be and how fortunate we are to be here and now, together, we can create something far more profound than what we initially imagined on our own.

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  1. Jeremy LaFitt says:

    Crazy to think if all of our thoughts could cause leader choices. Good message in your post. I think its something we could all work more at to better us.

    • Matt says:

      I agree Jeremy! It’s the small things in life that we do have control of and if a majority of us focus inward, instead of outward, great things will come about!