DC Distortion

They throw around billions like they’re nickels in a mason jar – making decisions in the public specter of concern but behind the doors of their selfish careers.


We buy into their words of hope, promises of change, and the sacrifice of their mission to move us forward. We continue to believe that solutions lie with them because many of us choose to blame another when we should be looking inward.

We argue. We fight for rights. But many have forgotten about their obligations.

They have sold you out.

They are puppets of another and view you as a source instead of as a facet within the solution. You are not represented, not served in the interest of your well-being. You, the majority, have become nothing more than a sponge awaiting to be rung at the hand of the bureaucrat.

Accept it. Without prejudice. Without hate. Without blame.

Fight not to fall victim to partisan distractions, media dogma, or public fear mongering as they are nothing more than vehicles of mainstream distraction. Start at home. One man. One woman. At one time.

Actively forge the rerouting of your own neural political pathways. Accept that the bureaucrat serves no one but those that maintain his ever thirst for power and will sacrifice everything and anything to acquire it.

You are on your own but are definitely not alone. There are millions of others just like you awakening to the new America. Come to terms with it, for once the awakened cross the threshold of a majority, a glorious rebirth into the American fundamental will begin anew.

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  1. Mike Feingold says:

    Sum’s it up well, those who can not learn to and embrace change in the way we do everything will be left out in the cold,,,