Hearts of the Young

Problems, adverse occurrences, and unwanted outcomes don’t always have simple explanations.


As problems scale in their applicability to societies, so does their complexity of finding a solution. To think a problem that affects every single human being has an elementary solution is flawed logic. This premise falls under the laws of nature not mankind. A wonderful example to illustrate this point is the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting women the right to vote.

Women suffrage supporters began organizing, protesting, and petitioning their right to vote in the twilight of the 1800’s. Within a decade, growing opposition attacked supporters of the movement through complex legal, and sometimes violent, tactics. The opposition was fierce and determined to quell what was seen as an attack on the electorate. Relentless persecution through violence, threat of jailing, public humiliation, and desecration of family names resulted in a large swath of protesters leaving the movement. This setback stalled its momentum for several years but Congress would rekindle the fight.

In 1878, an amendment allowing women to vote was introduced into Congress and inadvertently conveyed to suffrage supporters that the fight must now grow and intensify, not shrivel up and die. Forty years later, with relentless pursuit by its leaders, all suffrage organizations were united behind the common cause of a Constitutional amendment allowing women to vote. In August of 1920, after a grueling one hundred and fifteen year fight, suffrage protesters reached the peak of their cause with Congress certifying the 19th amendment and ratifying the U.S. Constitution. All women within the United States could now vote in any election that was formerly only granted to men.


Man is meant to expand by his virtue of curiosity, as it propels him to discover new ways of being and different implementations to better his existence. He is not meant to simply exist, hand-to-mouth, breathe-to-breathe, and finally death. On the contrary, humans are wired with a desire to seek a better way, a straighter path, to ultimately derive a better tomorrow during their existence today upon planet Earth.

All humans have this wiring but not all choose to utilize its inherent gift.

It is a grave and abhorrent travesty when introspection, truth-seeking, and reflection are substituted for simplistic, knee-jerk solutions, as they are often times solutions within the minds of those with alternative intentions, selfish motivations, and maladjusted hearts. Those of us who seek the truth on the premise that it’s the supreme being which grants heavenly virtue must confront and communicate these fallacies when presented before us.

Vigilance, no matter the medium, must always be present – never taking a break, being second guessed, or subverted for maniacal ambitions. For if it falls silent then the truth, in lock step, follows right behind.


Reflecting upon the recent tragedy of the young lives’ lost on that horrific day at Sandy Hook, those of us not persuaded by shallow emotion, ill intentions, or capitalizing upon a political opportunity must stay vigilant. It is times like these that test our fortitude to protect the unalienable and unequivocal rights into which each of us is born.

Without question, with such a senseless tragedy of our societies most innocent comes the recourse of opportunist for furthering their ideology with selfish desires. Stay present, stay sharp, and never forget no matter the horrific nature of an act, it does not change laws which govern man’s very existence. Let me elaborate further for simple clarification:

No action ever done at the hand of man will ever change a law of nature. Ever!

In the name of the families who suffered such unfathomable losses, we grieve with you especially considering the time of the year. May your hearts mend, your minds heal, and the memories of lost loved ones never waver.

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  1. Pat Maroony says:

    I feel so heartbroken for those who lost not only a family member but a child. Unspeakable. I do hope Americans don’t compromise too much in the name of fear.