Bare Minimum

If you, the American citizen, decide not to take action and defend what’s left of our Constitutional Republic, then you have absolutely no reason to complain when rights and liberties are stripped away from your very existence.


Don’t like something going on in your state or federal legislative body? Can’t believe that an obscure law has defeated a generational tradition? Worried that the monies taken from you through unconstitutional taxation is being squandered and used to strengthen unconstitutional forces? Stop complaining, stop Facebooking about it, and spend fifteen minutes writing your representative!

I do it as normal discourse and so should you! Here’s an example of a recent communication to my Congressional representative concerning Diane Feinstein’s bill against “assault rifles” more commonly known as AR-15’s:

Mr. Adam Smith,
Support of Ms. Feinstein’s bill (S. 150 Assault Weapons Ban) outlawing, what politician’s coin as assault rifles and other firearms fitting retrofitted definitions, is a direct attack upon one of the cornerstones of our dwindling Constitutional Republic: The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Mr. Smith, if you participate in stripping away a fundamental right to defend my household and our Nation from “enemies foreign and domestic,” you will certainly lose my vote in any future elections. I am an honest, hard-working, tax paying, family loving proud American who believes in the Second Amendment, and for it not to be infringed, whether or not I choose to own firearms.

All of the years we’ve heard about the “third rail” of politics in respect to Social Security reform. I can guarantee you, sir, that the slippery slope you and your peers will be creating with this type of firearm legislation is an absolute disaster in the making and will take center stage over all other issues, including the infamous third rail.

A majority of Americans who own semi-automatic weapons are responsible, law-abiding citizens. To lessen their rights by supporting Ms. Feinstein’s legislation is to embolden lawlessness and criminal activity. Would you not agree? If not, please review the statistics of other countries with tight gun controls (Australia) and those with the opposite (Switzerland). Lets use scientific data from their experiences to further enforce the idea that gun control hurts John Q citizen while emboldening the criminal.


With all the conveniences of modern technology, shouldn’t we the people be inundating our representatives with, at minimum, emails voicing our opinions? Readers, the foundational fabric of our Constitutional Republic is deteriorating right before our eyes.

Will you not take twenty minutes out of your day to do your part? Is that too much to ask?

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