Rights vs. Laws

Millions of Americans are scratching their heads; trying to make sense of how their country has drifted so far from embracing and protecting personal liberties.

I believe an enormous part of the problem is simply not understanding the difference between two key concepts:  a right and a law.


Many modern-day D.C. politicians want Americans to forget that they have rights no matter what any law explicitly or implicitly states. Some of the most basic are the rights to defend oneself, to speak his/her mind, to own private property, to ingest whatever you want, to practice a religion of one’s choosing, and judgment by trial of one’s peers. These are rights, not granted by any man, but the Founders believed, by God.

It really doesn’t matter if a citizen believes in God or not. The important point is no law made by man shall ever infringe upon any of these rights as they are inherently granted, equally, to all men and women at birth. Period. Without exception.


Unfortunately, in today’s America, we’re a long way from this construct and only have a few rights left that are somewhat unfettered. You, and only you John Q citizen, are the keeper of your personal domain and should have the freedom to choose how you exercise your rights!

Today, I’m shocked and deeply saddened at the passivity of Americans. Our society is speeding up on the proverbial slippery slope of tyranny when government begins to attack the very basic tenants of being not only a citizen but a homo sapien. Maybe George Orwell actually owned a functioning crystal ball because it sure seems like we’re stepping into his nightmare.

I leave you with my personal mantra: “If you do nothing, you are doing something by emboldening those that defy you and are of equal guilt.” Voice your opinion, exercise your rights more than ever! I need you. We need you. Your country is crying out for you!

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