Shoe Meet Floor

Looks like the state senate in Illinois just dropped the shoe. Are you paying attention?


HB 815 amendment 1 & 2 and HB 1263 amendments 5 & 6 were passed out of the Illinois Senate Public Health Committee last night. Now it’s on to the senate floor for “debate.”

Can you just taste the irony of the anti-gun movement starting in the birthplace of the Chicago political machine? Get it? Do you think it’s a coincidence that this movement is starting in Illinois, i.e., the birthplace of Obamanomics?


Mr./Mrs./Ms. American citizen, how much more proof do you need? There are far too many political connections pointing right to Obama who is hellbent in his outright, brazen assault on one of our most basic, fundamental rights: to protect ourselves.

Feinstein is the teeth. Obama is the brain. A plethora of politicians have become the rabid dog. Mindless American dependents upon this new system are the prey. Most importantly, Obama has the leash tightly in hand – holding back the beast to let it go at just the right moment.

What are you doing to prepare yourself? Don’t be fooled into thinking this won’t effect you. No one is exempt.



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  1. Sean LaMore says:

    My New Year’s focus is now on prepping. That’s what I’m doing!