Creative Side of You

AbstractionDid you do something creative today?


If so, did you have an outcome? If not, will there be an outcome from the collective days of your creativity? Yes, fantastic! No, you didn’t do something creative or, no, you don’t have an end result in mind? Why not?

I believe a revolution of all sorts could be had if the folks making up society were conscientious about their own creativity each and every day. Just as we systematically brush our teeth, shower, eat meals, and, well, breathe what if creativity was thrown into the mix – taking it from ritual to habitual? What kind of outcome would you have toward your creative endeavor(s)?


Persistence and consistency are two ingredients to give any creative endeavor a chance. For without them, that brilliant idea will never be born into action and that action will never blossom into something tangible or applicable.

So try something different if you’re not already practicing this ideal. Pick something you love and apply it with creativity in mind. It doesn’t matter what it is just so long it’s something you enjoy. The only rule that comes to mind is it can’t physically harm others. Otherwise, the sky is the limit.

Okay? Great! What? No, don’t think about it. Just start. Don’t doubt, just begin. Get out-of-the-way of your creativity and let it momentarily take the driver seat each and every day of your life.

For this, I can promise you one and only one thing: You will not be disappointed.

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  1. Madeleine says:

    Your posting is abltusoely on the point!