The Shadow Economy

What if you came to discover that there are two different economies in America?


The one that you probably know, and most likely live within, consists of payrolls, federal/state taxes, saving’s plans, and rents or mortgages. Monies earned are deposited within a myriad of banks and are available to you the next business day for whatever spending path you choose. You repeat this cycle bi-weekly or once a month depending upon the policies of the employer.


The other economy has no payroll, very few taxes, and their savings consist of ownership and the regeneration of wealth through other people’s money (OPM). They consistently build wealth with little regard for risk due to the injection capital being owned by others. If they win, profit margins go in their pocket. If they lose, the American taxpayer, in one form or another, takes the hit. Their justification? Jobs, wealth generation, and boosting the economy. Their intention? To always win by owning a majority of societies’ assets.

It’s a game where it’s all upside all the time because the downside is never felt by this “class” of people. Any unforeseen mistake or miss-steps in strategic judgement is compensated through loss mitigation upon the citizenry via federal legislation at the hands of owned political cronies.

Welcome to the Shadow Economy.


The Shadow Economy has blood thirst for cheap, low-risk infused capital. The governing body that creates laws in order to equal the playing field for all within the Visual Economy is cloaked in their unwavering dedication to this select few. Their allegiance is driven by selfish narcissism and a warped sense of what’s needed for the greater good. These congress men and women nurture The Shadow Economy because it takes care of them and, to justify their actions, they believe it will harbor goodwill for the rest of the population through jobs and a better standard of living.

It’s a psychotic, symbiotic relationship born out of a lust for low risk, high reward unadulterated power. These shadow elite play off the legislators’ absolute lust for perceived power and continued employment. They use the myriad of weaknesses of the politician to ensure the game is always rigged. To simplify this understanding, they are the house within the American casino. The house never loses.


Let’s talk capital. It’s highly liquid, backed by “good faith,” IOU’s, has manipulated interest rates, and is  plentiful beyond anyone’s imagination. Its infusion is created by an entity that exist solely to keep a steady supply of cheap and fruitful capital. Downside? Little to none. It’s OPM with its basis derived from the perceived wealth of the nation, and all its inhabitants i.e. future labor,  backing it whether they like it or not. Citizens have no choice, no say when it comes to funding The Shadow Economy because they are not beneficiaries in this high reward, low risk game. They exist simply to fund its continued existence.

Compounding the problem is the only thing backing these paper billions is the good faith of the American citizen. No other stopgap exists to keep its fiscal volumes in check. The rare metal known as AG (gold) was taken away in the late 1960’s because it was deemed too restrictive. Why should legislators and their funding mechanism be bound by any constraint when they already know best? After all, their sole existence is to nurture the welfare of the constituent who are the inhabitants within The Shadow Economy. Alas, the birth of the end begins.

Come full circle to modern day America. We now have backers of The Shadow Economy which directly benefit from the success of this secret economy through their own form of federal welfare. In essence, as long as the creators of the currency notes continue to produce the paper vehicle whenever needed, the rulers of The Shadow Economy will continue to abuse its perceived power for cheap acquisition of tangible assets and labor. All this is done at the taxpayer’s expense. Again, they always win while the citizen ultimately pays.


So, while you’re distracted by the latest pop cultural trend driven by the most expedient digital gadgetry fueled by a wasteland of media we deem social, The Shadow Economy grows, expands, consumes, and envelops more and more of our American economy. As it expands, its few players become more selective and disregard national boundaries. These are global players whose ultimate intention is to rig Earth’s economic game for their sole benefit. If they can do it in America, it can be done anywhere on planet Earth!


To sum up, they’ve swung for the fences by taking over America’s economy and governing bodies. On all accounts, within all their conceived dereliction of thoughts fueled by unwavering power lust, we, the taxpayer, patriot, the mom, the dad, children, the elderly, veterans, the sick and dying, and societies newest born are now at the mercy of the elite within The Shadow Economy.

The average citizen’s day-to-day living in modern America feeds The Shadow Economy without end, limits, or prejudice.

You want out? There’s one and only one way out. Stay tuned.

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