We The Slaves

Rockefeller, Rothschild, and the Koch Brothers, Jamie Dimon, Brian Moynihan, Mike Corbat, Buffet, Gates = Reid, Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, Sharpton, Biden, McCain, Graham, Jackson, Bernanke, Geithner, Hagel, McConnell, Cantor, and the Chief Justices of The Supreme Court.


This sample set of last names crisscross the racial, socioeconomic, political, and religious walls constructed to divide America. These names undermine all arguments of singularity in the race to pass individual/party platform blame for America’s woes. One simply cannot look at this list and culminate an ideal that casts blame equally to all. Therefore, half of my misery equation has been proven.

Next, the other half of the equation must be confirmed to qualify the theory. What do all of these lasts names have in common?

The unwavering zest for perpetual expanding power.


Each of these individuals within the list care only for their own power and that to which gives them further leverage to promote and expand their portfolios. Alas, what we find is the centralization of power not within a large group but instead a selective few whose never-ending thirst for power is causing immense fiscal suffering.

Their drive to expand individual empire is akin to the United States monetary system. If they don’t continue to constantly expand, and tirelessly pander to those of their elitist circles, they’ll collapse. In comparison, if the dollar doesn’t continuously spread its debt misery around the globe, it too will collapse. Ironically, the philosophical ideals that yank at their shirt tails are the underlying limitations set forth within the Constitution of the United States: the amendments that control the scope and reach of government into the American citizen’s life.


The problem with our system is not its foundation. It’s those that live upon it and think they own it. These egomaniacs believe America is theirs to sculpt and mold; to modify it for the benefit of the few and satisfy unwavering narcissistic ideals. What America has become is an oligarchy of the few at the suffering of many. The crevasse between us and them is no longer a gap. I wouldn’t even consider it a canyon. It’s more like a light year. Everyday Americans cannot even fathom the severity of the elite’s perturb minds; unwavering crony capitalistic beliefs that have been etched into their parasitic souls. Power rules and as long as it is nurtured they will rule, in absolute, into eternity.

Elites justify their actions with the continued success of centralizing power. If an elite successfully reigns power over a large swath of the domestic population, they feel justified in their actions! This psychopathic reasoning fuels endless power lust. With the growing disconnect between the elites and citizenry within the United States, they have been granted carte blanche authority to manipulate, steer, force the system however they choose. The United States’ Congress have become the marionettes that rubber stamp the elite’s agendas through prescription of crony, lobbied bills.


The only way to overcome the elites centralizing power is to simply take it away. To do that, you take away the contorted system that benefits only them. America’s modern-day system is not Capitalistic. It is not Socialistic. It is not Communistic. What America has become is a Serfdom.

Most Americans live in economic slavery. It doesn’t matter if you’ve reached your definition of rich or poor. We’re all just slight deviations in this shared basket of slavery. So few men have forced their hand to contort the United States as to consistently benefit their agenda, no matter the controlling political party of Congress, President, Judiciary, or caucus they…always…win!

Are you starting to understand?

For as long as this system stays in place, they will, 100% of the time, always win. Always!


I will present a question to ponder with the hope to awaken your subconscious within this shared reality:

>>> What is the underlying reason that the United States dollar is backed by nothing but debt? <<<

Please don’t get lost in a historical explanation of how the dollar, over time and many monetary systems later, ultimately broke free from the gold standard or get into long drawn out explanations of debasing, inflation, deflation, velocity of money, basis points, balance sheets, or base money. Unfortunately, at this point in time, these economic tools are just semantics.

I’m seeking truth; a truth not readily apparent but is the sole provider of our misery. If you come up with a thought-provoking idea, please be sure to contact me.

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  1. Tom Nilsen says:

    The debt benefits those in power and robs from everyone else?

    • Matt says:

      We’ve got a winner. Precisely Tom! If you’re not in the “inner circle,” you are taxed by the under handing of currency debasement that feeds the debt debacle machine.

      A majority of us always lose (through inflation and reductions in purchasing power) while a very small percentage win (through artificial wealth creation and propping up of their assets).