Renaissance Version 2.0

With the fluidity of information on the backs of digital ones and zeroes, the rate of cultural transformation has considerably sped-up.

It is my firm belief that history provides the looking-glass to peer into the future, and with this knowledge, we can better understand modern-day events while postulating future outcomes.

Just as the Dark and Middle Ages gave birth to the Renaissance many centuries ago, the cycle repeats.

If your curiosity is peaked, take a look at the timeline of the Dark/Middle Ages and  the Renaissance/Age of Enlightenment. Stark parallels exist almost in a vacuum of time.

Enlighten yourself through the education of past events which influence future outcomes.

Click the play button or right-click here and save it to your computer for local playback.

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  1. Thomas Lacker says:

    I also believing an awaking will occur whether or not individuals want to accept it. There is one thing for certain: change. And it’s coming to “town” on a full steam ahead freight train!

    • Matt says:

      Well put Thomas. Yes, change is going to occur whether or not one likes it or not. It’s inevitable. The key is to be physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight (I knew the Boy Scouts motto would come in handy someday).