The Real Truth

From this point forward, the United States will have one fiscal outcome no matter the future actions of The Federal Reserve and The U.S. Treasury.
The inevitable outcome is the loss of purchasing power of the United States Federal Reserve Note.


Whether through the mechanisms of inflation, hyperinflation, or deflation, a massive purchasing power swing for the U.S. dollar will be at our doorstep within eighteen months of this post. At this particular point within the dollar’s debt cycle, it’s a 100% certainty that America will witness an extraordinary change in its purchasing power that will leave a majority of citizenry dumbfounded. It seems today that readers love edgy predictions so I’ll provide one for contemplation. My prediction is deflation will provide an increase in America’s dollar strength, lasting between twelve and twenty-four months, followed by a sharp, quickening inflationary environment that will ultimately pass the power puck to foreign nations.


The key to accurately predicting future outcomes of the United States Federal Reserve Note  is to follow the monetary policies of America’s top two creditor nations: China and Japan. How they manage America’s debt will either speed-up or postpone the certainty of the United States’ currency. It’s important to note that more than 50% of America’s debt lies outside the United States thus the actions of these foreign creditors will heavily influence the future of America’s currency.


Janet Yellen, replacement to Ben Bernanke, must continue to debase the currency, via Quantitative Easing, due to the underlying threat of what would be a historical deflationary downward spiral. This uncontrollable spiral would result in currency failure because the interest on the debt payments would be unsustainable. To add fuel to the fire, it was recently discovered that The Federal Reserve has 29 trillion on it’s balance sheet not the 2.9 or 3.2 trillion recently reported post FOMC. With so many massive cover-ups being perpetrated by The Fed, Treasury, and the Executive/Legislative branches, U.S. citizens must come to the sobering realization that America is a Serfdom whose sole export is debt to the world!


This economic calamity has been in the making since the early 1970’s. Within the current fiat debasement system, the rich get wildly richer, the number of impoverished explode, and the middle class is ultimately wiped-out. It’s happening right now. Don’t take my word for it. Go check out the recent unemployment, LPR, and GDP numbers. Sobering.

Be careful not to fall into the easy trap of blaming Obama. The man is a monster to The Republic but he’s just a throwaway tool like his predecessors Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, Carter, and Ford. If anyone should be blamed it should be those that persuaded the U.S. to destroy its last vestige of sound money.

That’s the real truth. Plain and simple.


Most all public, federal political banter is nothing more than a vaudeville act to keep the American public’s eye off the ball. The philosophy is to keep American citizen’s bickering over the Republican/Democrat parties , abortion, gay rights, drug policy, or the mother of all propaganda campaigns, terrorism, while foreign bankers and their interests reap profits from an inherently corrupt monetary system. This one hundred year effort has provided a slow bleed of American power through consistent currency debasement by an organization that is not federal, has no reserves, and is held by mostly foreign interests.

In 2013, the law of economics caught up with The Federal Reserve revealing that it wears no clothes. Major foreign powers unequivocally recognize U.S. monetary corruption and are countering by acquiring hard assets at carefully measured expenditures of U.S. Treasuries. China has, and continues, to break records via international importing and domestic discoveries of gold. India has sharply increased their silver imports to pivot around the United States’ bullying to raise tariffs on gold imports. Three of South America’s major economic players continue to stockpile iron ores, copper, and other industrial metals.  Russia is steadily expanding its bilateral agreements with China and other importers of its oil and natural gas while expanding drilling operations. Repatriation efforts of western held gold were put in play by Germany. Other nations will follow Germany’s lead. China and Russia are expanding and updating their military capabilities. Finally, the Chinese finance minister publicly stated that it’s time to “de-Americanize” the world. Foreign Chinese partners are all pushing forward in alternative ways which unifies this belief and underlines a growing notion of America’s fiscal incompetence at the bequest of a dysfunctional government.

The fight for a new global leader is on and America is target number one. China, America’s main competitor, is doing their best not to expedite their decline. It’s a complex juggling act to extract maximum value at a devaluing United States’ Treasury.


At this point within this global financial war, the most probable action that will cause the United State’s serious economic consequences will be the Saudis allowing transactions of oil in alternative currencies outside of the dollar. If this policy was put in place, the acceleration of lost of confidence in the dollar would be extraordinary. Recall, that the Saudis are guaranteed U.S. military protection in one of the most hostile parts of the world. In return, all international oil settlements shall be done in dollars. It is my belief that this agreement is under serious distress due to America’s imperialistic foreign policy, careless monetary management, and dysfunctional management within the Legislative and Executive branches of its government. In the near future, once the Chinese shore up a new settlement system and have enough international customers on board, they could become the new big brother to Saudi Arabia.


Police forces across the United States are steadily incorporating hardware and tactics once reserved for the military. The unconstitutional faction that goes by DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has armed itself to the teeth with 27 years worth of bullets and an arsenal of militarized weaponry unheard of for any non-military branch. A growing number of metropolitan police agencies across the country are consistently infringing on the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Sophisticated technologies are in development that will allow police and other federal agencies to discover people opposite opaque walls and other solid obstacles. In addition, the growing use of public surveillance has accelerated the erosion of the once championed presumption of innocence while The Supreme Court has now ruled that strip searches are legal for minor offenses.


This modern day erosion of American liberty via the continued desecration of The United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights by those sworn to preserve them is historically monumental. The billion dollar question is how and when will American’s react upon reaching a theoretical tipping point? Will American’s defy governmental illegalities through coordinated defiance, dysfunctional resistance, or willful surrender? Will there be a mix of these scenarios?

At this point, anyone’s guess is valid but it’s my belief  a mix of these scenarios will initially play out, and over a short time, coalesce into a coordinated movement to defend liberty and reinstate Constitutionality within the United States of America.


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