Ace’s Perogative

To all the current and future dog owners out there, this one’s for you.


When taking on me as your companion, a pact of loyalty, faithful companionship, and mutual understanding of each other’s needs has been executed.

I’m more than a convenience that adjusts around the ups and downs of your life. I am an obligation; we have an unspoken pact, a sanctimonious agreement of unconditional love, compassion, and companionship no matter the times. We are partners within this brief existence and should always look out for the others’ well-being.

If we are true to each other, then our happiness is equally elevated. If we only enforce the pact within the realm of convenience, the partnership will not prosper and shall never achieve its full potential.

Give me what I give you and be consistent with it during my short stay within your life. Instead of looking back with regret, you’ll rejoice and be thankful that we met and elevated each other’s happiness during this journey you call life.


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  1. Janet Feldard says:

    Great looking lab. Thank you for sharing an important message for all dog owners.

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